Popdirt.com – Now Powered By WordPress

The last few days regular visitors have no doubt noticed the new look at popdirt.com. It was long overdue to convert off the dinosaur that is php-nuke as the site’s platform, but the hassle and which alternative to select and what converters were available made me put it off. The old interface was riddled with poor coding issues, and now the setup is generally w3c compliant (embedded video is universally a problem in that regard), so errors shouldn’t be much of a problem anymore.

For those who signed up with the old top sites feature, that isn’t available in WordPress, so it unfortunately had to be sacrificed, sorry. Also there’s no function to submit news, but you can use the contact form to send items and I’ll review them for possible inclusion. Also gone are the previous comments and the existing users – the submitted stories have been manually altered so the credit was given to the original or anonymous author. Links are gone too, but most of them had expired as is typical with pop artist fan sites. The polls have been removed too, except the flash ones embedded in certain stories.

On the plus side, there’s now an ability to post comments as a guest (which are moderated), the site is available via mobile phone, the search function is better than php-nuke, and dead links that were frequent for old articles can now be detected automatically.

Converting the other sites over will probably be delayed until I get a faster server, as WordPress seems to use more resources than the old platform. When that’s done, features like related posts can be added.

Pop-up And Invue Ads Removed From Popdirt

I’ve decided to remove pop-up ands and invue ads from popdirt.com, rapdirt.com, rnbdirt.com and rockdirt.com for now and instead use keyword ads. There still may be an occasional pop attached to a banner ad on popdirt, but it should only happen with about 1% of visitors.

Why Popdirt Was So Slow This Morning

From LayeredTech: “We are currently experiencing a networking issue and our network administrators are working on this to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We will update you as soon as we learn more.”

Looks like this situation has been resolved…

About The Downtime… Blame Savvis

The site was down most of the last 3 hours because Savvis was making some peering changes on their local backbone which had gone south and did not work out as expected. Thousands of sites, including this one, were down as a result.

Popdirt Page Loading Issue For Some IE Users Fixed

Recently, probably a couple months ago, some users on Internet Explorer had gotten the message “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://popdirt.com. Operation aborted” when trying to load this site. I noticed this but rarely use IE, favoring Firefox, and figured it was just a bug related to my PC. I learned otherwise when I was contacted Friday by someone else getting the error. I eventually determined it was an ad placed in a table. The Microsoft support page mentions scripts in tables sometimes create this error. The problem ad code has been moved to the bottom of the page, no longer in a table, so it shouldn’t be an issue now. My apologies for those who experienced problems with this site due to the error.

Comments Briefly Disabled

Due to the huge spike in traffic today, caused likely by the Lance Bass gay announcement and/or this site being rated #1 on google for Marion Raven’s new R rated ‘Heads Will Roll’ music video, I’ve disabled the comments to save on server load. Comments will be reactivated when the traffic level drops back down. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Poll Bug

It’s been pointed out that the total votes don’t add up in our current poll. It appears there’s a bug if you have 12 responses to a poll, the 12th option isn’t getting included in the total vote count. Sorry about the bug. Just take the listed total vote and add Dlisted to get the true total.

Friday’s Server Downtime

On Friday, our server experienced mutiple fatal Linux kernel errors and the server had to be reformatted. The server had been down several times in the past few weeks after our 2.6 Linux kernel failed, and the 2.4 Linux kernel failed but was at least rebootable until Friday’s crash. The process took much longer than necessary due to slow responses from our server host and non-response from our server management provider. Sorry for the downtime and hopefully it won’t happen again in the future.

Explanation Of Porn Redirect Earlier Today

A few hours ago, this website was slightly hacked and a small script redirecting visitors to a porn site was added into one of the files. It took me a while to find it, but the problem has been solved and the security hole has been patched. Sorry about the inconvenience and offending material.

Audio Stream Cleanup

I went through and cleaned up some of the streams on the right menu bar that no longer work. All of the Jacor streams except for KIIS FM have been cut apparently. Most of the international streams were ok.