Lesbian Sex And Drug Tape Featuring Pop Star

A blind item in The New York Post asks, “Which pop star has a sex tape about to surface, a la Paris Hilton? The tape, shot by her own brother, shows her fooling around with a woman and doing cocaine and crystal meth between sex acts.”

Singer Petrified His Sexuality Will Be Revealed

A blind item in The People asks, “Which singer is petrified that his closet secret is soon to be revealed? The lad’s sexuality is well known in showbiz circles but his management are determined to keep it of the public eye.”

‘SNL’ Musical Guest’s ‘Assistant’ Really A Boyfriend

April 11, 2004 – A blind item in The New York Post asks, “Which singer travels with an ‘assistant’ who is really his boyfriend? At a recent ‘Saturday Night Live’ taping, they were all over each other.”

Pop Tart Uses Sex Toy On Aristocrat In Monaco

A blind item in The New York Post asks, “Which plucky pop tart lived up to her bad-girl image with some X-rated action at the recent World Music Awards in Monaco? We’re told that the songbird was invited to an orgy by a certain sex-obsessed aristocrat, who ended up with a royal pain after the singer used a sex toy on him. Our heroine coyly referred to the unprintable incident by telling reporters she had a ‘strapping good time in Monaco’.”

Squeaky-Clean Pop Starlet Performs Public Sex Act

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which pretty pop star shocked onlookers in a super-posh London bar by performing a very public sex act on her boyfriend? The squeaky-clean brunette babe was so out of it she forgot the room was crowded – and was turfed out of the club.”

Red Hot Singer Blows Chunks In Flight

March 12, 2004 – A blind item in Globe magazine states: “This red hot singer downed one too many cocktails on a flight from N.Y. to L.A. – and proceeded to vomit all over the stranger sitting next to her in first class. She gave the poor guy the cell phone number of her personal assistant and promised to repay him with four front row seats to any one of her concerts on her current tour.”

Musical Duo Unwittingly Sharing Same Girl

February 28, 2004 – A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which new best friends are set to have a bust up over a woman? The geeky musical duo are likely to call off their collaboration when they find out they’re unwittingly sharing the same girl.”

Suggestion For Showering Boyband

February 26, 2004 – A blind item in the new popbitch.com newsletter suggests: “A very popular boyband should take a careful look around their dressing room next time they perform. Someone at their prestigious management company likes to secretly video them soaping up in the showers and when getting changed.”

Spice Girls Member’s Secret Bed Wetting Problem

A blind item in popbitch.com’s latest newsletter asks, “Which Spice Girl wet the bed until she was 15 years old?”

Socialite’s Boyfriend Has Dallied With Dudes?

February 16, 2004 – A blind item in The New York Post asks, “Which sexy young socialite might want to be extra careful when she delivers some charity benefits between the sheets to her new boyfriend? We’re told that the handsome young hunk has dallied with plenty of dudes in the past.”

Boyband Member Works Up A Sweat With Sexy Neighbor

February 3, 2004 – A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which boyband member likes to whip up a sweat in his apartment block’s communal gym… with a sexy neighbor he’s befriended? The naughty chap met while he was on the treadmill and they’ve been going at it in the changing rooms ever since.”

Girl Band Trio Cheat On Boyfriends With Boy Band

January 25, 2004 – A blind item in The People asks, “Which three girl-band members had flings with three lads from a now defunct boy band? All of the female singers had boyfriends at the time. Better keep it quiet girls.”

Teenager Packin’ Heat

January 12, 2004 – A blind item in Billy Masters’ Filth2go.com column asks, “Could it be that a certain young’un is packin’ heat? That’s the word from folks on the road with the sun-kissed boy, who tell me he’s definitely no angel. Oh brother, I’m quaking in my boots! Before he hit his stride, he had a stylist pick him up a pistol that he carries with him at all times. Personally, I never thought he was all that, but insiders say he’s actually a pretty sweet kid – aside from the gun. But I’m told that having a firearm is not unusual for a teenage boy from his locale. Honey, just put on the AC and chill.”

Hollywood Star Hopes To Turn Brit Boyband’er Gay

January 4, 2004 – A blind item in The People asks, “Which male Hollywood star has been taking more than a professional interest in the member of a British boyband? The young musician isn’t thought to be gay but the actor hopes to ‘turn’ him.”

Male Pop Star Has Threesome, But Gets Ignored

A blind item in The New York Post asks, “Which pop star and his comely actress friend took a walk on the wild side recently with a recently married actress? The trio had a threesome, but the singer got annoyed when his girlfriend and the married woman ignored him in the sack to focus on each other.”

Kinky Sex Games Leaves Pop Babe Black And Blue

A blind item in The People asks, “Which pop babe’s kinky sex games leave her black and blue? The singer – who is dating a fading celebrity – loves to show pals her bruises on a daily basis.”

Drunken Pop Star Gets Out Of Jam With His Checkbook

A blind item in The New York Post reports asks, “Which son of a former tennis champ was hit head-on on Route 25A in Nassau County by a drunken pop star? The musician stumbled out of his crumpled car and scribbled a check for $10,000 to avoid entanglements with cops.”

Nose Wiping Boyband Member Without A Cold

A blind item in The Sunday Mirror asks, “Which boy band member got record company handlers reaching for the smelling salts after he wiped his nose more than 30 times during an eight-minute TV interview segment – and he didn’t even have a cold? Will it matter if he’s unfit for their upcoming arena tour?”