Nick Carter Getting Paid To Lose Weight?

This week’s blind item by Billy Masters asks, “Could it be that a famous relative of someone in this very column is being paid to lose weight? That’s the buzz coming from the boy’s bandmates, who tell me that their once fair-haired cutie has gotten so big that he’s been wearing oversized clothing and bulky jackets (didn’t Luther Vandross go through this stage about a dozen times?). They are urging him to lose the weight before their next homecoming – or before he becomes even larger than life (whichever comes first). I’m told that they have all chipped in and bought him a trainer – and now after only a couple of weeks he’s starting to look so good that he is constantly shirtless.” Billy also has news of Jennifer Lopez teaming with Anastacia for a duet of ‘No More Tears’ originally sung by Barbra Streisand/Donna Summer, Enrique Iglesias losing his virginity, and AJ’s fiance Sarah Martin.

Is Britney Spears Experiencing Intense Joy?

Sunday’s New York Post blind item asks: “Which club-hopping pop star doesn’t drink when she hits the town because she’s high as a kite on ‘ecstasy’? It’s a convenient way for her to get messed up yet still look like a goodie-goodie in public.” Given the Post’s focus on partying Britney Spears lately, one might make her the likely target.

Tiffany Talks Playboy Shoot & Past Drug Use

Michael Musto of the Village Voice spoke with Tiffany about her 10 years away from the pop music scene where she was reported to be doing drugs and booze. Tiffany admits, “It was only before I was pregnant. I never had the chance to be a kid. I was out working, and when I was home, I tried to make up for lost time. But I never had to go into rehab.” She explained the decision to bare all by saying it’ll revive her career, “It’s definitely going to work for me. You can’t look at those pictures and go, ‘Oh, she’s 14.'” Musto also has dozens of blind items, including a familiar sounding one asking, “What star insists he and wifey are clean, though he recently bought a kilo of coke off a dealer in the Bronx?” Read more.

Boyband Member Opens Up About Homosexuality

This week’s blind item from Billy Masters at asks, “Could it be that a shy member of a certain boyband is opening up about his sexuality? Well, he’s sure as hell opening up – and to Billy Masters, no less! At a recent soiree, the sensitive TV-friendly popstar was chatting with a pal about the boyfriend he just broke up with when he said (and I can quote ’cause I was eavesdropping), ‘We weren’t compatible, since we were both power bottoms.’ I have to admit that even I was a little shocked and somewhat confused – where do you plug in a power bottom? Probably wherever you want! He told me that before they said goodbye, he and his ex shared a top who was an awesome lover – and he didn’t have to paint a picture for me to figure that one out. Who says romance is dead?” Many on the message board are concluding it’s Chad from the band, 2gether, as he’s known as the “shy one” and their hit was ‘Before We Say Goodbye.’

Who’s Not So Innocent On 16th B-Day?

November 28, 2001 – Shocking blind item in this week’s Star as they dish, “This pop-music queen may not be as innocent as she claims. There’s a NYC nightclub deejay who’s telling his friends he showed the young lady some of the ways of the world that are usually not discussed in public – when he worked her 16th birthday party not too long ago. And he swears he wasn’t her first!” Age and recently certainly narrows the mix, as well as someone who’s well known at 16. Britney Spears, Mandy Moore? Who do you think, or is the deejay just full of it?

Enrique Iglesias Brags About Banging Anna Kournikova?

In a blind item so-not-blind it’s not even worth calling it one, the New York Post asks, “Which Casanova crooner – known for bedding the boldfaced beauties who appear in his videos – has been bragging to his entourage about bagging an athletic sexpot who will be featured in an upcoming production.” Yeah, but isn’t Anna a virgin and/or is supposedly married to hockey star Sergei Federov? Stay tuned…

Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Robbed Of Sex Tape?

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca has a blind item this week that might make readers recall Britney Spears and *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake being robbed of a videotape from a Florida town a few months back. Ted only describes the couple as “nubile, famous folks are celebrated the world over for their undiminished and unscathed love for each other” and refers to them as “young lovers.” Any guesses?

Pop Diva Fears Anthrax

The Star’s latest Hollywood Whodunit provides few clues to which diva is on Cipro, but circumstantial evidence gives us some clue. Is it Jennifer Lopez who has already had a widely believed to be anthrax laced love letter sent in her name to American Media Corp? Or, was the last minute pullout of Christina Aguilera from the Latin Grammy ceremony due to flu symptoms the answer? Still yet, was an already mentally distressed Mariah Carey who’s home is near Ground Zero paranoid of such biological attack? Read on for the blind item as it appears in Star.

“Despite government warnings not to take antibiotics unnecessarily, this pop diva is insisting that everyone associated with her start on Cipro immediately. She’s very nervous because she receives tons of fan mail and packages from unknown fans and fears there may have been some exposure. She really flipped when a packet of white powder was found in the mail, but it turned out to be a sample of a bath product from a reputable cosmetic company. Even though she and her staff are in no danger, she’s convinced they were all somehow infected.”

Who do you think it is… or do you believe it?

Videotaped Piercing Of Popstar’s Nether Region

October 19, 2001 – This Star blind item sounds like either Britney or Christina… maybe we’ll get the video evidence on the net soon for proof; “This va-va-voom female pop-music star, who already has quite a few body piercings in her visible boy parts, recently had her least visible and most sensitive flesh pierced in a Sunset Boulevard parlor. Seems that the ‘operation’ and subsequent placing of a one-carat diamond on the unkind cut was caught on the parlor’s security cameras – and is shown to parlor patrons who get to see it – if they ask nicely.” What do you think?

Britney, Mariah, Or? Sunday’s NY Post Blind Item

September 2, 2001 – A blind item in The New York Post asks, “Which persnickety pop queen isn’t making any fans in her new East Village apartment building? Since moving into her swank co-op a few months ago, the bubbly diva has refused to even look at her neighbors or tip building staffers who did work on her pricey new digs.”

Latest Billy Masters Blind Item

In an item most of the fans on the’s fan forum are saying is likely the recently split Savage Garden, Billy writes, “Could it be that there’s a queen in the garden of good and evil? That’s the buzz from my sources on the road with that popular singing duo, who tell me that the schism between the once inseparable couple is so wide that they barely speak. That’s probably for the best, since the diminutive one spends his off time in the company of various men who appreciate his own personal spread. No matter how much they promise to make it work, it’s as if they don’t know each other anymore. What will happen once the double Ds split up? Most believe that obscurity will be their next stop. Wait till Rosie hears about this.”

Star Blind Item… Aguilera?

This week’s Star blind item seems to point to Christina Aguilera and boyfriend Jorge Santos as it states, “This young female Grammy winning songbird, known for her skimpy outfits, is often accompanied by a buff, dark-haired young man she introduces as her boyfriend. The buxom star is oblivious to the fact that her beau actually has eyes for other, dark haired young men. He has starred in several triple-X gay features. Her entourage has been whispering about it, but is hesitant to tell our girl that the one she wants is living a lie.”

Billy Masters Blind Item… Not So Blind?

This week’s Billy Masters blind item should have people talking as it states, “Could it be that a certain performer is trying desperately to back out of that high-profile gala for personal reasons? Rumor has it that if he bails, he-ll take his boys with him, proving that one bad apple can indeed ruin it for the entire bunch. While publicly flip-flopping about their availability (citing the all encompassing scheduling conflicts), the woodsman was made uncomfortable by the ever-growing closeness with the captain. Let-s just say that a tense moment occurred when the honoree tried to free willy and things came to a head – or, rather, didn’t come to a head. By the way, I’m embarrassed to say that the scary man once appeared in a Lindsay Wagner movie! Oh, the shame.”