TV Movie About David Archuleta & His Stage Dad In The Works?

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ featured a TV movie trailer following news that ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up David Archuleta’s father Jeff was arrested in Utah for soliciting a prostitute back in January. The 47-year-old father, who gained a reputation for being a “stage dad” and angering ‘Idol’ producers, pleaded no contest and paid a $582 fine after the bust at a Reiki massage parlor. The parody features Scott Baio starring as Jeff and Mario Bosco as David.

The comedy clip at YouTube has since been removed.

Nick Carter Tells A Funny

Nick Carter was feeling funny while chowing down on some sushi earlier today. The Backstreet Boys star writes on his Twitter page (@nick_carter):

Ok here’s my joke! Are you ready….

What did the man say when the house fell on him?


That’s me laughing at my joke. Haha… I made a funny.

Nick Carter laughs at his own joke

Jonas Brothers Read Top 10 List On ‘The Late Show’

Jonas Brothers read the Top 10 List on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Thursday night (February 12). Joe Jonas said #9 was: “Often we are astonished by how adorable we are,” while Kevin said #5 was: “One time when we were on the road, things got really crazy and we stayed up until 10:30.” The entire list at has since been removed. Watch a portion of the appearance at

Jonas Brothers Wax Figures Unveiled At Madame Tussauds

Jonas Brothers unveiled their new wax figures at Madame Tussauds in Times Square on Thursday (February 12). Popstar! magazine’s YouTube channel has an interview with the sibling pop trio from the wax museum, where they talked about the honor before posing with their likenesses. Then, the brothers signed autographs for the screaming female fans.

“Now to have our own figures here is an amazing honor,” Kevin Jonas said, adding that the latest James Bond, Daniel Craig, needs to be immortalized on wax too – though he already is.

Watch the video below.

Britney Spears’ Taco Bell, Turkey Jerky & Red Bull Diet

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “A source close to Britney says Britney Spears is bulimic. She throws up after meals, and her diet consists mainly of Taco Bell, turkey jerky and Red Bull. You know, if that’s your diet, you’re not throwing up because you’re bulimic, okay? [Laughter] You’re throwing up because you’re eating Taco Bell, turkey jerky and Red Bull. You know, I threw up just reading it.”

Leno later joked, “According to Entertainment Weekly, Paris Hilton says she’s just finished her second album and she’s deciding what to do next. Gee, I don’t know, how out burn it? Why don’t you try that? [Laughter] You know what’s interesting? She said she’s decided to record this album even though she’s not signed with any record label. Yeah, I think that’s call karaoke.”

Paris Hilton Not In A Party Mood After Benji Madden Split

November 21, 2008 – Just after it was announced Paris and broken up with her Good Charlotte boyfriend Benji Madden, the heiress met up with her ‘My New BFF’ pals early Thursday morning at Crown Bar in Los Angeles, but left just 30 minutes after arriving. “She definitely didn’t seem like her usual party girl self tonight,” a witness told “[She was] way more reserved and distracted, like her mind was elsewhere. She was trying very hard to appear carefree, but it was clear she didn’t want to be there and was waiting for the right moment to make her exit.” The full story at has since been removed.

Rep Confirms Paris Hilton & Benji Madden Split

November 20, 2008 – A rep for Paris confirmed to that the heiress indeed broke up with her boyfriend Benji Madden of Good Charlotte. “Even though they are still in love, they felt it would be better to just be friends,” a source close to Hilton said. The split happened because “Benji was overprotective and controlling,” the insider added. “He doesn’t get along with any of her friends.” The full story at has since been removed.

Paris Hilton Breaks Up With ‘Too Controlling’ Benji Madden

November 19, 2008 – Paris has split up with yet another man she was claiming was her “Mr. Right” only weeks ago, a source tells Star magazine. The heiress was reportedly “all over” her ex Stavros Niarchos while Benji Madden was nowhere to be found the other night, and now an insider says Paris dumped the Good Charlotte guitarist because he was “too controlling”. The breakup happened on Monday, and by Tuesday night, Hilton was hitting the club scene at Villa. “Paris was fed up with Benji always telling her what to do and bossing her around,” the source revealed. “She couldn’t take his overbearing ways anymore. It was stressing her out. He can be very aggressive and he was just too much trouble.” The story at has since been removed.

Paris Hilton And Stavros Niachros ‘All Over Each Other’

November 18, 2008 – Star magazine reports that while Paris’ boyfriend Benji Madden nowhere in sight, the heiress reunited with her ex Stavros Niachros at Mokai on Saturday night. “Paris and Stavros were all over each other,” a witness tells the mag. “They were at the same table for about an hour and then they left together. It didn’t seem like Benji was on her mind at all!” The report comes in wake of Star’s item that Benji was cheating on Paris and recently referred to her as “shallow and dumb.”

Paris Hilton ‘So Happy’ After Barack Obama Victory

November 5, 2008 – Paris spoke with ‘Extra’ about Barack Obama becoming the 44th U.S. President after beating out Republican nominee John McCain, who had used the heiress in an attack ad against the President Elect. “It’s so exciting,” Hilton said while promoting ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’. “I was so happy. I had all my friends over last night and we were watching the acceptance speech… I think the world is going to be a better place.” Read more.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Wait ‘Till Marriage

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “According to the Daily Mirror in Britain, Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon waited until their wedding night to have sex. Isn’t that nice? They waited until their wedding night to have sex. Do you know how long they dated? An hour and a half.”

Bill Maher’s New Rules For The Jonas Brothers

Bill Maher went after the Jonas Brothers in his “New Rules” segment last night on ‘Real Time’. “New rule. The Jonas Brothers have to stop saying people hate them for their purity rings,” Maher said. “We hate you because you blow. The boys say they wear the purity rings to show their commitment to remain virgins until marriage. Hey, not to worry fellas because unless you live in Massachusetts or California, I don’t see marriage happening anytime soon.”

Asa The Comic ‘Miley Doing Her Thing’ Video

Asa The Comic is coming to the defense of Miley Cyrus over the continuous private pictures of the ‘Hannah Montana’ in various states of undress that have found their way online. “Now me and Miley go way back like Nick Cannon in drag,” the puppet raps.

The comedy clip at YouTube has since been removed.

John Mayer Hosts ‘Am I Really A Celebrity?’

TMZ challenged John Mayer to host an episode for the gossip web site, and the singer songwriter took them up on it after being told by Harvey Levin they have pictures of his !@#$!. Mayer is seen asking people on the streets of New York City if they recognized him in a game of ‘Am I Really A Celebrity?’.

The comedy clip at has since been removed.

Britney Spears’ Job As Jamie Lynn Gave Birth To Maddie

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Congratulations to Jamie Lynn Spears, gave birth to a baby girl named Maddie yesterday. Her sister Britney’s job during the birth was to give Jamie Lynn ice chips and try to keep the cigarette smoke out of her face.”

It’s Important Britney Spears Spends Time With Jamie Lynn’s Baby

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “Britney Spears flew to Mississippi this week to help her sister Jamie Lynn with her new baby. True. Yeah, Britney says it’s really important that she spend time with the baby now, ’cause soon, it will be busy raising its own baby. Got about six years, I think.”