‘Glitter’ Admission Includes Donation?

Jay Leno joked about Mariah Carey’s movie Glitter yet again Friday saying, “Movie theaters showing the movie ‘Glitter’ have announced that out of every $8 admission, $3 will go towards acting lessons for Mariah Carey. Isn’t that something?”

Cuba Gooding Jr. Tells Mariah, ‘Stay Away From Films!’

Oscar winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno talking about his role in the telethon last Friday and when Jay asked if he invested in Mariah Carey’s movie Glitter, Cuba responded, “I had 25 cents in it. And I want 24 back!”

Gooding added, “No, I’m kidding! I didn’t see the movie. That’s — see, that’s not good now. Mariah Carey’s a beautiful woman. She can sing really good…. Stay away from films!” After Jay responded, “Uh oh,” Cuba assured, “It’s a joke!”

Earlier in the show during Jay’s monologue, he again took a shot at Glitter saying, “Come on, you gotta be fair. How many have seen the new movie ‘Glitter’? Have you been to that? You know, they’re calling it the blockbuster movie of the fall. And since this is fall, it should be in Blockbuster right about now.”

Leno Back To Roasting Celebs, This Time Mariah Carey

Jay Leno joked on his ‘Tonight Show’ opening monologue on Thursday, “Well as you all know, Mariahs new movie is out tomorrow. *Applauds from crowd* Isn’t it funny? the movie is being released even before she is.”

Leno Jokes About VMA’s… Britney & *NSYNC

Jay Leno was wondering about the whole Britney snake thing and made fun of Michael Jackson performing with *NSYNC. Read on for a transcript.

Anybody catch the MTV Video Awards show last night? Do you watch that thing? Yeah, yeah. Really, nine people watched it? That’s it?

Jennifer Lopez sang her song “I’m Real.” And then Britney Spears sang her song “These Aren’t.”

Did you see Britney Spears doing that sexy half-naked dance with that snake? Did you see, she had a snake? You know, for a virgin, she did a good job of handling that snake.

Is that sexy, a snake? You know, why — women do that. You see that all the time. You’ll see that in these clubs and things, women with a snake. Any man think a woman with a snake is sexy, huh? See, a half-naked woman with a pizza and a six-pack, maybe, maybe.

“Oh, that — oh, hey, hey, come over here.” You know. The snake, what is that? I don’t get the snake thing.

Kevin: I like your little dance.

Jay: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you aroused.

Kevin: It takes more than a pizza and a beer, Jay.

Jay: And last night, Michael Jackson came on stage with *NSYNC. Did you see that? Boy, how’d they ever get Michael Jackson to appear with a boy [ Audience ohs ]

More From Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

Conan O’Brien had a segment on Friday for Triumph’s appearance at the VMA red carpet, the show, and the press conference afterwards. For a transcript to what happened, including shots at J.Lo of course, and *NSYNC, Jessica Simpson, Pauly Shore, Will Smith, and others… read on.

Conan: The MTV Video Music Awards were last night and it was a big, big deal. All the big stars turn out. Well, we here at “Late Night” were especially proud that our good friend got to go. And by our good friend, I mean Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog.

Yeah. He got to go. He was also one of the featured performers on the show. He got an album on the charts. This guy’s gonna places. And apparently triumph was there all night and before the show, he actually caught the action on the red carpet, brought a film crew. Take a look.

Triumph: Tonight, the met opera house is brimming with hundreds of pop music’s biggest stars. Yes, the entire spectrum of pop music is represented here — everything from crap to [ Bleep ].

Hey, where’s DJ Jazzy Jeff? Where’s Jazzy Jeff? Doesn’t he get to poop on movie screens once a year, too? We love you.

Hey, A.J., You’re a Backstreet Boy. Why did it take so long for you to get depressed?

Gwen Stefani! Gwen, there’s no doubt that you suck.

I’m trying to figure out who of us — which of us has the better life. What do you think, folks? What’s better? To interview boy bands all day or to eat your own puke.

It’s a hard one. There’s Jessica Simpson. Very original. She’s being told what Britney’s doing so that she can rip it off.

Nelly Furtado. Here we go.

For Pauly Shore: This is very embarrassing. The 1995 awards are right next door.

Run, Mick, run! *NSYNC is performing! Run! Your life is to catch second-hand stuff!

Janet Jackson, please talk to me! Is my Michael coming? Is he bringing the llama?

I want to insult the llama.

Conan: Yeah, that was some night.

He did a good job. Well —

Well, of course, after he was done on the red carpet, then it was time for the actual awards show itself. Here’s a highlight from Triumph’s appearance.

Triumph: How do you score, man? You must be hung like a great dane.

What am I doing talking to you? J. Lo, J. Lo —

Please, J. Lo, please let me sniff your butt.

Come on! J. Lo! I don’t get it, J. Lo. It — she doesn’t understand. For a dog, it’s like climbing Mt. Everest.

Conan: Yeah, they’re good friends in real life.

They hang out a lot. Anyway, afterwards, triumph was immediately hustled to the press tent, where I thought he conducted himself very professionally and did a great job.

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Causes J.Lo To Leave In Huff

The New York Daily News is reporting that Jennifer Lopez walked out of the Video Music Awards last night following Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s (Conan O’Brien) joking about her. The dog, played by Robert Smigel, told Jennifer before she shoved the dog away, “J. Lo. J. Lo. Please, please let me get a sniff of your butt. Come on. I don’t get it. J. Lo. She doesn’t understand. For a dog it’s like climbing Mt. Everest.” Lopez didn’t return.

Review Of Gals VMA Clothing

September 7, 2001 – Alev Katar of the New York Daily News is chiming in on the outfits worn by women at the Video Music Awards in New York last night. Katar gave high marks for J.Lo and Britney Spears outfits, while being disappointed with the Lady Marmalade winners saying, “Cute, but make a little more effort, girls.”

Conan Jokes About Jackson 5 Tour

During Conan O’Brien’s monologue on Thursday, the host joked, “The Jackson Five announced this week that they are planning to record a new album. They’re going to record a new one. Yeah, apparently the album is going to be called ‘help, we’re out of money again.'”

MJ In Financial Trouble?

September 7, 2001 – The New York Post is reporting Michael Jackson is heavily in debt and is dependent on the success of his concerts and new album to recoup his losses. A music industry exec tells the Post, “If this album and the concert don’t do well, Michael is in trouble.”

Access Hollywood: Jacko-Spears Duet Back On

September 6, 2001 – The cancelled duet between Michael Jackson and Britney Spears is back on as a deal has been worked out where she’ll perform but it won’t be part of the televised special. No doubt though the duet will air at some later date outside of the 30 day blackout.