AJ’s Fiance: Drinking Relapse ‘Total Bullcrap’

Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean has not had a relapse with booze, according to his fiance Sarah Martin. Martin submitted an audio message to fans on Yahoo group ‘LovingSarah’, calling the report “total bullcrap” and added that anyone believing the report would be doing a real disservice to AJ. Listen to the clip here.

Holly Valance’s FHM Photo Shoot Video

FHM.com has a video clip of pop newcomer Holly Valance doing her photo shoot for the men’s magazine. The shoot was done on the beaches of Australia and Holly says it went on for about 12-13 hours. The footage has since been removed but can be seen at YouTube.

Buy 100 Britney Spears In Miami Photos

Looks like Mavrix Photo is cashing in on their recent peep show with Britney Spears on her topless yachting adventure in Miami recently. The site is selling a package featuring 100 pictures of the event for $9.99. Throw in another $6 and you can get a 5 minute video to boot. Careful though, the site warns, “You CANNOT post these images on websites, chat rooms, message boards, clubs, forums newsgroups, webrings, communities. NO WEB USAGE ALLOWED!”

Kevin Richardson Drunk Outside Vanity Fair Party

Check out a short clip of Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys acting wacky and admitting to being drunk as famed photographer David LaChapelle attempts to talk with a reporter outside of the Vanity Fair party following the Oscars on Sunday.

Play Who’s Boobs? Now!

Liquid Generation has a hilarious game of ‘Who’s Boobs? The Grammy Awards Edition’ posted now that the show is over. You’ll get a close up snap of three racks, and you decide which of the three it is… faster you do it, the more points you get. Wait till you hear what they said about Christina… Check it out at liquidgeneration.com.

Britney Spears Explains ‘Crossroads’ Concept

MTV spoke with Britney Spears about her ‘Crossroads’ movie role and what made her decide to take the plunge on the project. Britney said, “When I was younger, I had my three best friends – Courtney, Jancee and Laura Lynn. To this day I still have them. The whole concept came out of me being with my girlfriends and us growing up with each other. I wanted to do a teen movie, but I wanted to do something that teenagers could watch and be touched by. And all of them have their own little issues, but at the same time they have each other at the end of the day. That’s what matters. We all have our problems, but if we have friends we can talk with about them, it makes you feel safe.” Read and watch the clips of Britney here.