Celine Dion Versus Mariah Carey – Round 4

This post is for a fourth round of comments continuing the discussion sparked by the Monarc_2002 editorial viewable here. The debate continued with part 2 and part 3, asking whether Celine Dion or Mariah Carey has had the more successful career.

Top Selling Female Artist Madonna Or Mariah Carey Part 4

Madonna 'Cherish'

This is part four of the continued discussion on whether Madonna or Mariah Carey is the top selling female artist in a post from StilettoSadist. Check out the original post and the 400+ comments and part 2 and part 3 which continued the battle of opinions.

Madonna Misses Alexander McQueen Terribly

March 1, 2011 – Madonna, Fergie, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and more honored the late Alexander McQueen at the Met Gala. TV Guide talked the Material Girl, Fergie, Swift and others on the red carpet from the event. “Okay I miss him terribly, not only as a person but as a designer,” Madonna said. “The fashion business is a little bit dull without him.”

The report at YouTube has since been removed.

Charo: Lady Gaga Is Madonna With Diarrhea

March 1, 2011 – ‘HLN’ host Joy Behar talked with Charo about why she thinks Lady Gaga is copying Madonna’s act, comparing the ‘Poker Face’ singer to “Madonna with diarrhea”. Asked to explain what that meant, Charo said, “Because she doesn’t copy exactly. It’s like when you have got perfection, there will be another Madonna. But when something is missing, is when you’ve got diarrhea. You got it?” Um, no. Watch the interview below.

Top Selling Female Artist Madonna Or Mariah Carey Part 3

Madonna 'Deeper and Deeper'

This is a post to continue discussion on whether Madonna or Mariah Carey is the top selling female artist in a post from StilettoSadist. Check out the original post and the 400+ comments and a continuation of the discussion.

Madonna Excited To See Lola Focus On Fashion Line

September 25, 2010 – Popstar! magazine was inside with Madonna and her daughter Lourdes “Lola” Leon for their party celebrating the release of their Material Girl line at Macy’s on September 22nd. Madonna, Lola, Taylor Momsen and Madonna’s son Rocco were on stage. Thanking Lola for her help with the fashion line, Madonna told the audience, “It’s been so great to watch her focus, her determination… I have achieved many things in my life, but I have to say watching my daughter make her dreams come true and achieve her goals is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done.” Watch footage via YouTube below.

Brooke Hogan On Gay Marriage

Brooke Hogan shared her thoughts on gay marriage on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (April 3). The singer/reality star writes:

Some say it’s against certain religions. Although I am a devout Christian, we also have to remember the bible was passed from person to person and in reality the only law we should be living by is what Jesus would do. Would he picket outside of a courthouse and curse the gays? Would he not hug them and love them for who they are? Would he forgive them if it really WAS wrong? Jesus only dealt from love and compassion and would surely not treat anyone unfairly or unkind. Lets not forget life on this Earth isn’t even the main goal here…we will all be judged by God after this life…so lets leave that up to HIM.

There’s also another issue people are fretting over. They think a gay union isn’t the best environment to raise children in. Ummmm…excuse me but lets start worrying about the couples who abuse each other in front of their kids, mothers and fathers who are alcoholics and druggies and abandon their kids. At LEAST the gays are TRYING for some normalcy. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’ll be a bad parent. A person is going to feel what they feel despite what a parent might try to influence them with. I am very different from a lot of things my parents tried to instill in me, but it doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.

The entire commentary at globalgrind.com has since been removed.

Scrutiny Over Ke$ha’s Lack Of Originality Continues

Ke$ha has been taking heat in recent days for being a bit too influenced by Uffie or the relatively unknown Chrissy Snow on her breakout hit ‘Tik Tok’, not to mention that song having a beat sounding suspiciously lifted from Kylie Minogue’s ‘Love at First Sight’ which is demonstrated by the mash-up below. Kegan Zema of The Maine Campus weighed in on the former ‘Simple Life’ roomie of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, writing:

Ke$ha is unoriginal and mind-numbing. Her songs appeal to the lowest common denominator and are spoon-fed to the masses. Everything about her — appearance, musical style, demeanor — is a rip-off from some other artist.

The worst part however, is that her hit single ‘Tik Tok’ is a blatant, copyright-infringing knock-off of a song written two years ago by the truly unique artists Uffie and Justice.

Check out the entire article at mainecampus.com.

John Mayer’s Defense Of James Cameron Over Autograph Reseller Spat

John Mayer is offering insight on a video on TMZ.com that featured ‘Avatar’ director James Cameron involved in a verbal scuffle with an autograph reseller confronted him for a signature at LAX. The singer songwriter explained on his tumblr.com blog:

While I can’t speak to what happened before the segment of video on TMZ, I can tell you that the man in the tiny hat with the ‘Avatar’ poster had probably engaged with Cameron from at least 50 paces before the automatic doors. That’s how it goes down; they walk alongside you. They bark requests at you, trying to get your pulse to quicken. If you give in and sign, the guy with the poster gets to sell it and make a few bucks. If you don’t give in, as it gets harder to acquiesce with each successive yelp, then the stench of cash really starts to waft in as Video Camera Guy gets the goods while you explain in no uncertain terms to Obnoxious E-bay Poster Guy that he’s not going to get what he’s asking for tonight.

John Mayer: The 2000s Were The Dumbest Decade In Recorded History

December 20, 2009 – John Mayer shared his thoughts on the decade as it prepares to come to a close to his Twitter followers (@johncmayer) earlier today, unimpressed with the past 10 years. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Let me be the first to say it: the 2000s was the dumbest decade in recorded history.

You may not appreciate it now, but in the next 2-4 years the true dumbness of the decade will age like a fine, insipid wine.

Dumb: “It’s like a car crash, you can’t look away,” a crude attempt at justifying having terrible tastes in entertainment.

Dumb: “Epic fail,” a phrase used to make fun of someone’s failed attempts, written by people living in their parents’ basements.

I’ll buy that for a dollar! RT @shyunatown agrrreed ; 2000’s was an era where people didn’t know what do with themselves

Dumb: “Just Saying.” A phrase meant to divorce one’s self from responsibility for having a cheap laugh at someone’s expense.

“Hot mess,” “train wreck,” cutesy combined celebrity couple names, “TMI,” Feigned shock, Sentences that begin with “bitch.”

Dumb: “I’ll give you that,” used to reluctantly agree with someone by making it sound as if it’s at the user’s great expense.

2010s: being safe and happy, learning, showing grace to others while tending to our own betterment, and enjoying life. FIN. XO.