Samantha Ronson Rips Sheryl Crow’s “Awful” New Album

Samantha Ronson ripped Sheryl Crow’s new album ‘100 Miles from Memphis’ hours ago, telling her Twitter followers (@samantharonson):

I’m not exactly sure why I bought the new Sheryl Crow record, but I’d like my money back and the time spent listening to the record. Awful!

For real, I’m offended by how bad it is. She ruined songs by Citizen Cope, Terence Trent D’Arby and The Jackson 5. What happened to her?

She should have faded out in the country genre – as she was – no need to ruin blue eyed soul for the rest of em. Sorry – but I was a huge fan!

Lindsay Lohan’s Emanuel Ungaro Collection Panned

Lindsay Lohan served as artistic adviser for designer Estrella Archs’ Emanuel Ungaro RTW Spring 2010 fashion line, debuting the collection last week during Paris Fashion Week.

The review from Women’s Wear Daily wasn’t kind. “The fashion world, or at least its old-fashioned, traditional arm, greeted the Lohan appointment with endless snickers and rolled eyes,” they write. “Its members expected, perhaps even hoped for, the proverbial train wreck. And so it came, a collision of fashion, controversial celebrity and massive publicity that resulted in the most frenzied door scene we’ve seen in years, especially at the geezer venue Carrousel du Louvre, as well as a beefed-up photographers’ pit.”

Watch an interview with LiLo and Estrella before the show, and highlights from the presentation, below.

Loyal Britney Spears Fans Don’t Seem To Care If She’s Singing

Britney Spears whips hair

John Katsilometes of the Las Vegas Sun was on hand for Britney Spears concert in Las Vegas on Saturday night (April 25) at the Grand Garden Arena, talking about the “is she singing” non debate and loyal fans of the pop tart who don’t seem to care. Katsilometes writes:

It is so evident she doesn’t sing. She can’t be singing. She’s running the equivalent of several 100-meter dashes across three stages – one a giant circle set in the middle of the arena, and two other smaller circular platforms on either side – and never sounds winded. There is no panting, gasping, or lapses in her perfectly balanced vocal track to indicate that she is actually singing without some sort of technical assistance or audio augmentation. There are no big screens to show the audience her pretty face, to match her mouth movements to the soaring vocals filling the arena.

But Spears has pulled a fast one on us. Her astonishingly loyal fans don’t seem to care if she’s singing, or even if she addresses them directly.

Check out the entire review at

Lily Allen ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ Review

Lily Allen 'It's Not Me, It's You' album cover reviewed Lily Allen’s sophomore album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ ahead of its release on February 9th. The site says the 23-year-old’s album is “a big relief and incredibly enjoyable, and it’s still getting better with every listen. The lyrical themes range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but nobody says this sort of stuff quite like Lily Allen. Most people never even say it at all. After what seems like a lifetime of pointless media coverage and a truly woeful television program it’s great to have Lily back on popstar duty and we reckon the material here is strong enough to remind a lot of people why they liked her in the first place.” Read more.

David Archuleta’s Debut Album Poised To Sell 200k, Debut At #3

'David Archuleta' album cover

With 56% of the sales figures in at, ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up David Archuleta appears on pace to sell around 200,000 copies of his self-titled debut. Archuleta is set to come in at #3, behind Taylor Swift and the compilation album ‘Now 29’, while edging out T-Pain’s ‘Thr33 Rings’.

Reviews of the disc have been mixed – here’s three:

Preston Jones – Star-Telegram
“Archuleta is little more than human Silly Putty. He’s been pushed, pulled and stretched in so many different directions, it’s a wonder that he has anything even remotely resembling a personality.”

Scott Iwasaki – Deseret News
“Archuleta’s CD is a welcome breath of fresh, clean air. However, it isn’t a mind-boggling artistic statement. No. It’s a simple pop CD that is guaranteed to sell millions.”

Kathi Gadow – The Badger Herald
“Archuleta’s jaw-dropping vocals and fun lyrics suggest this will not be the only successful album in his career.”

Demi Lovato Thanks Fans After Amazing 16th Birthday

Demi Lovato talks about turning 16 and the Happy Birthday wishes she received from fans, as well as the concert slide show that made her cry on stage and a video from Selena GomezDemi Lovato checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@demilovato) on Thursday (August 21), a day after celebrating her 16th birthday. Demi writes:

So my birthday was absolutely incredible and the only things missing were my family and Selena (best friend) but! I will see them soon so it’s okay :)

I got the best gifts, and a lot of sentimental things like a slideshow, a rap made by my band… hahaha and lots of other awesome gifts.

But I wanted to give a special thanks to you guys which I just made in a YouTube video so be sure to check that out.. You all made my birthday so amazing.

Like I said, I wished for this every year.. so to being able to see so many of you all yesterday.. it meant the world to me.

Once again thank you!

I love you guys.


With the YouTube video Demi posted, viewable below, she said, “Guess what, I am now 16, which is not that different than 15, but it’s cool, because yesterday I had the best birthday ever and now I won’t forget that I’m 16. You guys made my birthday so amazing with all the YouTube videos, with all the comments and everything on MySpace, just things like that. Also on web sites. I was checking out a lot of web sites and you guys were saying Happy Birthday.”

Demi continued, “It just really meant a lot to me and during the concert, you guys sang Happy Birthday to me twice and also there was a slide show my mom put together with one of my best friends Marissa and it was all sad and whatnot, and I was crying on stage which was kinda lame that I cried on stage, but whatever.”

Mentioning her famous friend, Demi added, “Also I wanted to say thank you Selena for the video and I wanted to cry when I saw it but instead I’m going to call you right now, so pick up your phone. To everyone that said Happy Birthday, thank you.”

Miley Cyrus ‘Breakout’ Reviews

Miley Cyrus 'Breakout' album cover

As Miley Cyrus begins to see first week totals of her new album ‘Breakout’ come in, several writers have weighed in on the 15-year-old’s first release not under ‘Hannah Montana’ umbrella.

Rachel Leibrock of the Sacramento Bee gave the disc two stars, writing, “In reality, with its overblown power chords, frenetic synth-pop and defiant lyrics, the 12 tracks here aren’t much of a stylistic stretch from 2007’s ‘Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley Cyrus’.”

Meanwhile, Mikael Wood of the Los Angeles Times gives the disc three stars, writing that the effort is “unlikely fodder for the razzle-dazzle road shows and 3-D concert films to come. As a portrait of the artist as a young malcontent, though, it’s rarely less than fascinating.”

Finally, John Soeder of the Cleveland Plain Dealer gave Miley a ‘B’ rating, writing, “If Cyrus doesn’t quite achieve the breakout effort she was aiming for, at least she doesn’t strike out, either.”

K Dollars Low-Tech Way Of Hacking Into Miley Cyrus’ Phone

The guy that allegedly hacked into Miley Cyrus’ cell phone is speaking out to Yahoo! Canada Tech Guide Chris Null about how he pulled off the maneuver on the ‘Hannah Montana’ star. Calling himself “K Dollars” instead of “Trainreq 2k8”, the hacker said he normally just has to call the cell phone company and pretend to be a supervisor, asking a customer service rep give him the information he needs to access the account.

“I’ve been doing this for years,” K explained. “It just always works. It isn’t new to the industry… both law enforcement and the ISPs know about it. They just choose to do nothing about it, at all.”

Interestingly, he claimed to have accessed Miley’s info via a T Mobile Sidekick in this story, but in a radio interview we posted earlier, the mystery man said it was from a Gmail account.

Lip Syncing In ‘Camp Rock’?

A review of the Camp Rock soundtrack at Tommy2.Net reveals that the song “Here I Am” was recorded by vocalist Renee Sandstrom (Wild Orchid). In the movie Jasmine Richards is shown performing the song.

Mark Nikollaj ‘Affliction’ Review

Mark Nikollaj 'Affliction' album cover

I recently bought a new release from a local artist MARK NIKOLLAJ from Best Buy, I was surprised to see a local artist making it into a retail chain as large as Best Buy where he was actually having an autograph session. That was nice to see.

Anyways there are 12 tracks on the album and the first time in my life I found a CD that had 11 out of 12 songs on the album were AMAZING!

At first there were about 4 songs that stuck out, but as I listened to the CD, they all started to grow on me, every time I heard a song, i would pick up something and I’m like “wow, how did this kid think this up?”

Reviewer: Johnny Lulgjuraj