Music Didn’t Matter In Britney Spears Show

Shane Harrison of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reviewed the Britney Spears HBO special last night and wasn’t impressed with the dream-themed Las Vegas spectacle. Harrison says, “What about the music? It hardly seemed to be the point. With a new, more mature album topping the album charts, Spears could have upped the musical ante in concert. Instead, the music felt secondary and canned, and though it was never less than immaculately performed, it never generated its own excitement. The songs were there in service to the spectacle.”

New Shakira Album Brings Luke Warm Review

Shakira 'Laundry Service' album cover

Isaac Guzman of the New York Post is giving the new album by Shakira, Laundry Service, a 2 1/2 star rating. While lauding the singer’s beauty, dance moves, and “an ability to synthesize the essence of Anglo-American rock with Latin sounds and Spanish poetry”, Guzman counters, “In both its themes and sounds, “Laundry Service” frequently sounds like an album that has arrived too late.”

Shakira Performs On ‘TRL’

November 10, 2001 – Shakira was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday where she performed “Whenever, Wherever” which landed in the #7 spot for the day and promoted her new album, Laundry Service, due out November 20. She also taught two guys how to belly dance.

Shakira Had Trouble Translating Emotion Into English

November 9, 2001 – The New York Post’s Dan Aquilante talked to Shakira about recording her English album, ‘Laundry Service’, due out Tuesday. Shakira admits she had trouble with conveying the language’s emotions saying, “I can talk to my lawyer or my manager in English, but when I get mad, I get mad in Spanish, I cry in Spanish. That was the challenge, to translate my emotions into English.”

‘Singing Was Never Really The Point’ At Britney Concert

Jim Farber of The New York Daily News was at Wednesday’s Britney Spears concert at the Nassau Coliseum and admitted of the heavy taped backing of the gig, “Singing was never really the point. More relevant was hitting all the marks and looking pretty in whatever costume she turned up in next.” As for her setlist, Farber added, “The songs served as her accessories. She modeled them like handbags you sport and quickly discard.” In summing up Spears, Farber made the comparison that “Britney becomes the world’s life-size Barbie: gorgeous, bendable and plastic.”

Spears Must Decide Whether To Become An Actual Artist

Newsday’s Glenn Gamboa reviewed Britney Spears’ show at Nassau Coliseum Wednesday night but focused on the larger issue as to where Britney is heading with her career as well. Gamboa says, “Spears must soon decide whether to push to become an actual artist — like her heroes Madonna and Janet Jackson — or remain a perfectly produced performer, an actress playing a singer, who eventually will run out of tricks like a 21st-century Paula Abdul.”

It Was Clear Spears’ Had Backup Tracks Or Lip-Synched

Daphne Gordon of the Toronto Sun was at Britney Spears’ show at the Air Canada Centre on Monday night where she said, “The show’s kitschy theatrics served only to highlight the fact that Spears is a little more eye candy than she is musician.” As for her vocals, Gordon explained, “It was clear Spears’ voice was at least supplemented by backup tracks, if not totally lip-synched.”

Britney Comes Off Stronger Than Ever

A warmer review of Britney Spears’ latest effort comes our way from Shane Harrison of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who gives ‘Britney’ a ‘B’ calling the album “stronger than ever.” Shane adds, “This feels like Spears’ attempt at [Janet Jackson’s] ‘Control.’ That album’s combination of sass and statement is still beyond Spears’ grasp, but a touch of maturity suits her better than you might expect.”

One Dimensional Spears’ New Effort Clumsy At Best

Jim Abbott of the Orlando Sentinel gave Britney Spears’ new album out today 2 out of 5 stars and blasted the work saying, “‘Britney’ is clumsy at best. In the worst moments, it may offend longtime fans with its language and racy themes while at the same time making any potential older audience laugh uncontrollably.” Abbot added, “Vocally, Spears still remains the most one-dimensional of teen-pop commodities.”

Britney Shows Actual Talent In Toronto Show

Allpop’s Stephanie McGrath was on hand at the Britney Spears concert in Toronto where she called the show “flawed and overdone in places” but gave the singer hope saying, “Spears showed actual talent and the potential to be able to truly perform and connect with her audience on an intimate level instead of acting as the pop-puppet and marketing tool for tweens that she’s often accused of being.” McGrath noted that fellow Jive artist and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was at the concert as well.

Backhanded Compliment For ‘Britney’

Isaac Guzman of the New York Daily News chimed in on Britney Spears’ new album, ‘Britney.’ Guzman admits while it is better than her previous efforts considering the willingness to experiment with new sounds and styles, it show an “utter lack of any personal insight.” As for the Justin Timberlake featured track, Guzman added, “[Justin] and Wade Robson re-create the skittering beats of “Celebrity” with an unexceptional vocal effort by their star.” Guzman gave it a 2 star rating.

Westlife Blame Label For US Failure

The Sun reports Westlife’s Kian griped that the band’s label, BMG, failed to promote the band properly during their time in the U.S. saying, “Their promotion was useless – the biggest event they lined up was the QVC channel. It got so messed up that there was no point continuing.”