Nelly Furtado Only Pop Act In Spin Top 40

Spin magazine has their top forty artist issue out for the month of April, which lists what they term the most fascinating and amazing artists. Furtado is sandwiched at #20 where they say, “Furtado is the coolest Canadian of the moment because she looks sexy even covered in mud.” Jay-Z topped their list.

Ricky Martin Wins Sexiest Male Singer Poll

Fans of Ricky Martin have pushed him to the top again in our latest poll asking who they think is the sexiest male pop star, getting about 31% of the approximately 7600 votes. Second was Taylor Hanson, while O-Town’s Dan Miller was third. The new poll asks which pop artist do you expect to have the best selling album of 2002 in the U.S.. Money would bank on Dido, who had the world’s top selling disc in 2001, to repeat her dominance. Those planning late year releases may have time against their side as well. Cast your selection now, but you are limited to one vote a day.

Had to wing some of this poll, with confusion on release dates obviously with it still being late in February. Voted Best Fan Site

Mariah Carey’s most popular fan site,, was voted as the favorite pop star’s fan site in our most recent poll, beating out a strong late surge from, which finished second. Our latest poll asks ‘Who do you think is the sexiest male pop star?’ Again, the polls are limited to 12 nominees so apologies if your favorite isn’t listed. One vote per day limit.

Jessica Simpson 10:1 Odds To Pose Nude In 2002

Contributed by Musicbuff:

This month’s STUFF magazine gives odds on which stars they think will pose nude by the end of 2002. Here are the results:

Jessica Simpson 10:1
Jennifer Anniston 12:1
Halle Berry 12:1

Jessica Simpson’s Colorist Explains Brunette Switch

January 13, 2002 – US Weekly spoke with Jessica Simpson’s colorist, Rita Hazan of New York’s Oribe Salon, who explained the reasoning behind Jessica’s move to switch from blonde to brunette recently. Hazan said, “Jessica looks more mature and less like a kid on the beach. It also helps to differentiate her from all the other young blonde singers.” As for Jessica, she explained the switch saying, “I’ve been blonde all my life, and I decided one day that I wanted to do something different and go brunette.”

Readers Vote Britney Spears Sexiest

Readers of Stuff magazine have dubbed Britney Spears as the “Sexiest Woman in the World,” where the pop princess beat out Latin diva Jennifer Lopez, who nabbed the #2 spot. The mag said of Britney, “Spears is so hot she may be a bigger threat to the environment than global warming.” Shakira also appeared in the top 10 grabbed the #9 spot. Further back was Mandy Moore at #67.

Mariah Carey Dominates Another Poll

Well again Mariah Carey dominated one of our polls, this time asking the favorite song of the year. Carey came out on top with her hit, Loverboy, which beat out the Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, and Lil’ Kim collaboration, ‘Lady Marmalade’. Our latest poll asks which official site’s message board is best. I’ll give props to boards which include posts from the stars themselves including (Eden’s Crush),,, and LiveDaily’s rare posts from Christina Aguilera and frequent posts from her mom, Shelly Kearns. Remember, votes are limited to 1 time a day.

Mariah Gets Best Vocalist Nod

Mariah Carey beat out a late charge by Christina Aguilera to win our last poll asking who was the most talented vocalist. For our next poll, we’re asking who put out the best pop song of 2001 and the list includes most of the pop titans, though space limited some from the list.

Britney Wanted Overseas, Leave The Recorder At Home Though

Looks like our last question indicated you guys think Britney would be a good addition to perform for U.S. troops overseas, but only if she sings live. Critics though might say they’d be better off having to listen to just the recording. The new question asks what you thought of Christina Aguilera’s co-hosting gig with Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale.