Britney Spears’ Weddings Were Biggest Pop Story Of ’04

Our previous survey asking what was the biggest story of ’04 in pop music saw 39.2% of respondents select Britney Spears’ two marriages, topping the results. Next up was Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl breast flash at 29.3%, while Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter allegedly assaulting Paris Hilton came in third.

Britney’s ‘My Prerogative’ Named Best Video Of 2004

Britney Spears’ ‘My Prerogative’ was chosen the best video of the year by Rolling Stone. Following Britney was Eminem’s ‘Just Lose It’ and in 3rd Usher & Alicia Keys with ‘My Boo’. Rounding out the top 5 was Avril Lavigne’s ‘My Happy Ending’ and Black Eyed Peas with ‘Hey Mama’.

The entire top 20 at has since been removed.

International Pop Acts Doomed To Fail Again In U.S.

Our previous poll asking which international pop act has the best chance for success in 2005 with their U.S. debut albums saw a majority of 58.2% say they all will fail. If someone does find success, Natasha Bedingfield, who has a big money U.S. label contract with Jive, seems to be the best bet, getting 21.2%. Far behind Natasha was former S Club star Rachel Stevens, who got 7.7%, then Girls Aloud with 6.1%, former Westlife star Brian McFadden with 4.2%, and Missy Higgins with 2.7%.

Rachel Stevens Chats With Something Jewish

October 27, 2004 – caught up with Jewish pop princess Rachel for a Q&A and asked the former S Club star about being on ‘The Princess Diaries 2 – Royal Engagement’ soundtrack, filming her role in the upcoming ‘Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo’, and her upcoming plans. Check out the interview transcript here.

Britney Will Barely Make A Good Mom

Our previous poll asked if you believe Britney Spears will make a good mother. A slim majority of 50.4% said yes, while 49.6% thought otherwise.

Ashlee Simpson’s Worst Move, Blaming Her Band

Our previous poll asked what was the most embarrassing part of Ashlee Simpson’s appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ last month. Topping the list was blaming her band, which got 36.7%, belting out the hoedown, which got 29.6%.

‘Bin Laden’ Blasts Ashlee Simpson’s Lip-Synching

This week’s opening skit on ‘Saturday Night Live’ took a swipe at last week’s musical guest Ashlee Simpson. The “Osama bin Laden” character remarked about Tuesday’s U.S. election: “You export our own perverted culture like degrading reality shows and, far worse, your lip-synching pop stars. What a disgrace. It’s one thing for a J.Lo to use a guide track. The woman does full choreography but a girl who doesn’t even dance to a ‘live’ broadcast? Where have your standards gone? Then she blames acid reflux. I’m sorry. That is just evil. So whomever you elect, consider your lost values. That is the bigger picture.”

‘La La’ To Be Ashlee Simpson’s Next Single

Ashlee Simpson’s next single has just been changed from the previously announced title track ‘Autobiography’ to ‘La La’, her official website is reporting.

’60 Minutes’ To Cover Backstage Reaction To ‘SNL’ Gaffe

According to The Drudge Report, ’60 Minutes’ cameras backstage at ‘Saturday Night Live’ to record Ashlee Simpson’s embarrassing exit and the reaction from show creator Lorne Michaels and other shocked staff members of the show. The exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the incident will be part of a Lesley Stahl report about the making of the program on Sunday (October 31) at 7 PT ET/PT.

Ashlee Simpson Thanks Fans For Support During Difficult Times

Ashlee Simpson posted a message to fans on Tuesday (October 26) about her ‘Saturday Night Live’ lip-synching debacle. “I’m sure you all have figured out how crazy its been the last few days, but I just wanted to personally write to y’all-my true fans-and thank you for your support and love,” Simpson wrote. “I have decided to speak openly and honestly about what happened on ‘SNL’ because I want you guys to know what really happened. My acid reflux started acting up and I know my real fans know that music and performing is my true passion and you support me for that… I couldn’t control what happened that day.”

Britney Spears Voted Least Hygienic

Our previous poll asked which pop star do you believe is the least hygienic, where 33.6% said Britney Spears thanks to her recent exploits, including walking barefoot into a gas station restroom and appearing in public with much-needed acne medication on her face. Next up was Pink, noted for being photographed urinating behind a car door, picking up 22.5%. Christina Aguilera was third with 14%, while Mariah Carey received the fewest votes at 1.5%.

Christina Aguilera Named Best Vocalist By Cove

Contributed Anonymously:

Online Magazine Cove published a list of the worlds top vocalist based on “the artist’s vocal abilities, vocal ranges and harmony, the list is put together, with the combination of the artist’s acapella and live performances, to give the total score. (+50)” Christina Aguilera tops the list with a perfect 50 points. Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson round off the top 3. Other entries include Beyonce Knowles at 7, Clay Aiken at 15, Kelly Clarkson at 21, and Britney Spears at 72.

Britney Spears Can Charge Top Dollar In 2020

Our previous poll asking which pop star would be able to charge the most for a concert ticket in the year 2020 saw Britney Spears edge out Christina Aguilera, 31.6% to 25.6%. Next up was Mariah Carey with 13.9%, while Avril Lavigne came in fourth with 7.4%.

Kylie Minogue & Christina Aguilera In Fantasy Girl Group

Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguilera have been voted into the ultimate fantasy girl band, alongside British pop stars Nicole Appleton, Rachel Stevens and Blondie’s Debbie Harry. The five women came top of a poll by British men’s magazine Nuts, in which 7,000 readers took part. They also voted for their worst imaginable girl band, which included Ex-Spice Girl stars Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Madonna.

Kylie Dines With Pals In Chelsea

September 21, 2004 – The Sun reports Kylie Minogue cheered herself up while actor boyfriend Olivier Martinez was away filming – by eating out with pals in Chelsea and donning an amazing pair of multi-colored shoes.

Kylie Eyes Up St. Tropez Lovenest

September 7, 2004 – The Mirror reports that Kylie Minogue and boyfriend Olivier Martinez are planning to splash out on a lovenest near the millionaires’ playground of St. Tropez, in the South of France. “Kylie really wants a home near St. Tropez and so does Olivier,” a friend of the couple revealed. “Their pal Johnny Depp has a home up the road and they love the fact that he can enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle there – away from the paparazzi. They’ve been looking around Port Grimaud, which is a stunning area. Kylie thinks it would be fabulous to have a place on the water, with their yacht moored nearby.”

Kylie Might Not Have Children

September 5, 2004 – Kylie Minogue tells Red magazine she’s now resigned to the fact she’s not going to be a mother. “It is a biological matter,” she said. “When I was younger I didn’t know anything about my life except that I thought I’d have kids. Now I realize I might not, for one reason or another.”

Kylie Skin Care Coming Soon

August 25, 2004 – According to Sky News, Kylie Minogue is working on her first skincare range. “It’s going to be a bestseller,” a source insisted. “Who wouldn’t want skin like Kylie’s? She looks fabulous at 36.”

50%+ Of Women Under 25 Are Jealous Of Britney

Contributed anonymously:

A survey carried out on behalf of beauty treatment Perfectil has discovered that at least 50% of women under 25 are jealous of Britney Spears’ looks and body. In the 26-36 age group, the main object of jealousy is Jennifer Aniston. 40% of all women are jealous of younger, slimmer women, while 19% are jealous of women with bigger boobs.