Kevin Rudolf: I’m So Sick Of Award Shows

Kevin Rudolf

Kevin Rudolf spoke with Global Grind in a Q&A, where the recording artist talked aobut the ‘Don’t Give Up’ creative process, if he’s felt like giving up on music, whether he wishes he’d kept a song written for someone else for himself, playing instruments, signing to Cash Money, musical inspirations and more.

“I think it’s awesome! I’m so sick of award shows,” Rudolf enthused when asked about Axl Rose declining his Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction. “Fu** award shows. Everybody should just make real music, and stop getting awards for bullsh**. I mean everybody gets an award for Best Single, Best Album… It’s like I want to hear some real music. I want to hear people write music from the heart. To me it shows that he’s still rock n’ roll. I applaud him for that. We need more of that.”

Debbie Gibson Is Inspired By Actual Life

Debbie Gibson caught up with Debbie Gibson in a Q&A, asking the singer and ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ participant about her favorite film and TV work, never being concerned about putting out hits with music subsequent to her first three albums, plans for a new album, actual life being her inspiration, loving Donald Trump, and charity work.

“It’s funny… I think you hear a lot of artists go through this process where they come out with their first hit and great album or two because it’s all the songs they accumulated while they were just living life,” Gibson said about songwriting inspiration. “Then you hit the road and you get the songs about being on the road that nobody can relate to! For me, I’ve been sort of re-inspired because I’ve been in a great relationship for the past few years and I get inspired by everything. It could be a groove of a song that I love that’s current. That all of a sudden takes me into writing my own version of that… Or it triggers something in me or it could be be something from my own real life. It could be something from world events. I’m very tuned into writing from that place right now. I feel like this country is not in the greatest place. I see people’s pains and I feel their struggles… I’ve written some songs that are very about what can’t be taken away from you. Because I think that people right now are losing jobs, they can’t come up with money to pay for rent or whatever it is.”

Brandon & Leah Offer “Array Of Emotions” On Debut Album

Brandon Jenner and Leah Felder graffiti

Brandon Jenner and Leah Felder, who perform as Brandon & Leah, spoke with Crushable in a Q&A, where the folk pop duo talked about how they got started making music, their sound, the new album’s recording process and what fans can expect from their debut LP when it drops later this year.

“Well, all the songs on the album, there’s a whole array of emotions,” Leah stated. “I think that ‘Life Happens’ definitely has a happy feeling to it, but there’s a whole array of feelings. So while there’s stuff like ‘Life Happens’, there’s also some other stuff that’s a little different. That was the goal for all of us. We were really trying to write and reflect what we feel inside. It would be dishonest to write an entire happy album.”

Kerli Prefers Nicer American Culture To Her Native Estonia

Kerli flying

Kerli spoke with Popbytes in a Q&A, where the pop singer was asked about what made her go with a synthpop and dance sound with her follow-up to her 2008 debut ‘Love Is Dead’, being inspired by Tim Burton, her style, tour plans, and life in America versus her native Estonia. The 25-year-old said “people are kind of closed off and aren’t very expressive with their feelings” in Estonia and “very celebratory” in the U.S.

“Americans are always saying things like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ and ‘excuse me.’ They’re always talking about how nice things are and compliment one another far more often,” said Kerli, who now resides in Los Angeles. “And I always felt really out of place where I was from so I like American culture more than Eastern European culture. Everyone is just nicer. In Europe, we tease Americans for that but I don’t care because I’d rather have a friendly waitress. I like that and I like their expressiveness.”

Haley Reinhart Knew She Had To Do ‘Free’

Haley Reinhart

Haley Reinhart did a Q&A with Popcrush, where the ‘American Idol’ season ten finalist talked about failing to make the hit FOX show during a season nine tryout, sticking to her musical roots on ‘Idol’, keeping in touch with the other contestants, and her debut album’s first single, ‘Free’.

“A lot of the ‘Idol’ contestants banged out a whole album while we were touring – you know, like Scotty and Lauren,” the 21-year-old explained. “But for me, I wanted to completely involved with the whole writing process, so I agreed to listen to all these songs coming in and ‘Free’ was that one that I knew I had to do. It had my name on it! It sounded like my direction and like what I wanted to do.”

Jason Mraz Keeps His Sexuality Options Open

Singer Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz spoke with Pride Source in a Q&A, asking the singer songwriter about his new album ‘Love is a Four Letter Word’ and the story behind the title, being “a poster boy for gay rights”, the role gay marriage rights played in his relationship with Tristan Prettyman ending, the love of oneself being the greatest love of all, and keeping his options open sexually.

“Yeah, I’m keeping more of my options open these days,” Mraz said when asked about how his sexuality is fluid. “The older I get, the more fearless I become. That’s not to say I’m absolutely fearless. (Long pause) Man, I should be really careful with my words, especially with this question.”

Did Victoria Justice Learn From Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears’ Issues?

Victoria Justice

Parade magazine spoke with Victoria Justice in a Q&A, asking the ‘Victorious’ star about if she always wanted to be an entertainer, the best gift a fan has given her, the progress on her debut album, celebrity crushes, her first movie ‘Fun Size and if she learned any lessons seeing the mental health issues with Britney Spears and the teen pregnancy of Brit’s sister Jamie Lynn when starring with Jamie Lynn on ‘Zoey 101’.

“It’s different for different people. No one’s the same, no one has the same upbringing, the same situation,” the 19-year-old said. “I think you have to find your own path. I grew up with parents who have always been really supportive and raised me with a really good head on my shoulders and who keep me grounded. I think I am most thankful for them because of that and always believing in me. At the end of the day, I am going to make my mistakes and learn my own lessons. Hopefully not learn the hard, hard way, but you never know what is going to happen. But I think I have a pretty good head on my shoulders right now.”

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‘Let’s Get Naughty’ Had Been A Forgotten Track For Jessie And the Toy Boys

Jessie and the Toy Boys surrounded by legs

Jessie and the Toy Boys singer Jessie Malakouti spoke with ARTISTdirect in a Q&A, where the pop star talked about her new single ‘Let’s Get Naughty’, how it fits with her upcoming debut album, and her favorite part of the song’s music video.

“I wrote ‘Let’s Get Naughty’ over a year ago and just kind of forgot about it for a while…. Then I was going through all my material to decide what songs I was going to play for The Femme Fatale Tour, and I came across it in my demos folder on my computer,” Jessie said, referring to her participation as an opening act on Britney Spears’ U.S. tour. “I played it for my choreographer Bobby Newberry, and he and the dancers freaked out! It was instantly their favorite song of mine because the beat is so hard and the lyrics are so swag.”

JoJo Loves Jazz

Boston singer JoJo

JoJo recently spoke with Idolator in a Q&A, where the 20-year-old “veteran” pop singer talked about her upcoming third album ‘Jumping Trains’, touring with Joe Jonas, releasing the ‘Can’t Take That Away From Me’ mixtape last year, international promo plans, how her songwriting has evolved, growing up idolizing Michael Jackson, and her love for jazz.

“Oh my god, I would faint at the thought of it — but faint from excitement,” JoJo said about the prospects of recording a few jazz songs. “I love jazz! Yes, I would love to do that. I listen to jazz all the time. Jill Scott is one of my favorite artists. Not that she’s a jazz singer, but there’s a lot of jazz influence. She recorded this cover of ‘Good Morning Heartache’, which, there’s a small saxophone solo at the beginning, and I listen to that every day. Jazz makes me feel so many different ways.”

Every Song On Skylar Grey’s Album Sounds Different

Skylar Grey 'Invisible'

Skylar Grey (Holly Brook) spoke with Digital Spy in a Q&A, where singer talked about putting an album out after being featured on songs with big name artists, if those artists will be returning the favor on her CD, if she considered entering a reality show like ‘The X Factor’, not knowing who Cheryl Cole is despite reports of a collaboration with the Girls Aloud singer, the most important career lesson she’s learned and if the album’s first single ‘Invisible’ is the sound fans can expect throughout the release.

“It’s a piece of it. Every song on the album sounds different,” Grey said about ‘Invisible’ being representative of the album. “When I’m making music I don’t pin myself down to one particular sound. I also put out a song titled ‘Dance Without You’ and if you listen to that compared to ‘Invisible’, they sound really different. The there’s plenty of stuff on my album that doesn’t sound like either of them.”