Epilepsy Doesn’t Stop Lauren Pritchard From Persevering

Lauren Pritchard 'Wasted In Jackson'

Lauren Pritchard spoke with Body & Soul in a Q&A, where the singer songwriter talked about being inspired by truth, best advice she’s been given, admiring her family and the troops, advice for those looking to break into the music industry, and the importance of epilepsy.com to her. “I’m epileptic and it’s very important for me to spread the word about this,” the 23-year-old Tennessee native said. “So many people have no idea what it is and are most of the time frightened by it. I want everyone to know we are just normal people too with a bit of a kink in our chain but it doesn’t stop us from persevering.”

Luciana Caporaso Bored With Albums

Richard Vission & Static Revenger Starring Luciana

Luciana Caporaso spoke with Boston’s Edge magazine in a Q&A, where she talked about how her career has been non-stop since moving to America, the new single ‘I’m Still Hot’, feeling she’s “a gay man trapped in a woman’s body”, how she finds time to get in the studio, her “Isha CoCo” alter ego, and a possible collaboration with Cazwell. “It’s really funny because I don’t want to put an album out,” she said about new material. “I get really bored with albums, ie. 12 songs. I’m thinking like putting 6 songs out, an EP. And then once that happens, put out another 6 songs. That’s the plan anyway.”

Shows Are Lykke Li’s Pearl In The Tour Oyster

Lykke Li wearing jewelry

Lykke Li spoke with TheVine in a Q&A, where the Swedish singer discussed singing being a spiritual process for her, how she hates recording, her songwriting process, and how a lengthy tour impacts her. “After a while of touring – I’ve toured for so long, you can’t even imagine – you just get into a routine, where the show is the show and that’s like the pearl in the oyster,” she explained. “You save that for later and then you’ve got to figure out routines [around it]. So you don’t like, die on tour. Because you feel nauseous, you’ve been travelling, you miss your friends, you haven’t slept. So the days are just about recovering. Staying alive, you know?”

Tori Amos Finds Michele Bachmann’s Views “Completely Against Christ’s Message”

Tori Amos 'Abnormally Attracted To Sin'

Tori Amos spoke with PrideSource.com in a Q&A, talking about how she celebrates a new release, how her last album ‘Midwinter Graces’ inspired her latest effort ‘Night of Hunters’, the disappearance of the singer-songwriter from mainstream, gay marriage, suicides among gays, and if she thought there was hope for conservative congresswoman Michele Bachmann or people like her.

I don’t understand people. Again, I’m a minister’s daughter, I was brought up in the church; I do know the political side and how it works. If I could sit down with these people you’re mentioning, I’d say, “I thought Jesus was about love and not about judgment and damnation. I thought Christ came to question the judgment of a very harsh God.” I just find it completely against Christ’s message. I don’t know what they’re representing, but they’re as far away from Christ as my Bible teaching taught me and, you know what, I was brought up in the church! I’ve gone to church enough for almost every woman in America!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Are Still Learning What Their Sound Is

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Joshua Epstein of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. spoke with austinist about collaborating with Daniel Zott on the project, what their live shows are like, why they’re named after the NASCAR driver, the story behind the ‘It’s a Corporate World’ album title and how he describes their sound. “I think that our sound is probably just pop music in the general sense of the word,” Epstein said. “I think that for both of us, where our tastes align is kind of the focus and appreciation of melody. Daniel and I both have pretty specific ideas of what we like things to sound like at this point and if you combine them it just kind of ends up sounding like what our album sounds like. So I guess maybe that is our sound, but we’re still learning what that is.”

Howie Dorough On The Inspiration For ‘Back To Me’

Howie Dorough

Howie Dorough spoke with BSCkids in a Q&A, where the Backstreet Boys star talked about the boy band’s recent tour with New Kids on the Block, his solo album ‘Back To Me’ and its first single ‘100’, solo tour plans, working with Jon Secada on his album, getting back in studio to record a new BSB album, and more.

“This album is a true representation of where I am in my life right now,” Howie D. said about the inspiration for ‘Back To Me’. “I am really blessed to have a lot of positive energy around my and a lot of good things happening in my life right now that I created an album that reflects that energy. I have a lot of great pop/euro dance songs that make you wanna get up and have fun with life.” Read more.

Irregular Heartbeat Made Jessie J Grow Up Very Quickly

Jessie J 'Who You Are'

Jessie J spoke with The Sun’s TV Buzz in a Q&A, where the British pop singer talked about how her foot is recovering, performing at Wembley Stadium, the mystery of her sexuality, bullying, vacationing in the Bahamas, her busy schedule and how being diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat when she was 11 and suffering a mini stroke at 18 has affected her.

“A lot of people ask if I’m teetotal because of my heart and I say no, I’m teetotal because I want to be healthy,” the 23-year-old said. “I want to get up every day at 4am and not be hungover or smell like cigarettes. It’s changed me in that it’s put me in a place where I have to go for what I want, because life isn’t guaranteed. However athletic you are, health sometimes isn’t on your side and unfortunately I’ve always been someone who’s been in and out of hospital. It’s something that made me grow up very quickly but I also think it made me appreciate life very quickly. I actually think it’s a good thing.”

Update: The entire interview at TheSun.co.uk has since been removed.

Natalia Kills Is A Complimentary Supporting Act

Natalia Kills blindfold

Natalia Kills chatted with Celeb Dirty Laundry in a Q&A, where the English pop singer was asked about being the support act on tours with Kelis, Robyn, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, the Black Eyed Peas, and currently Katy Perry on her California Dreams Tour. Asked about her favorite, the 25-year-old was complimentary to them all. “I Love Robyn – she’s so talented and I’ve been a huge fan for many years… She’s one of the best performers I’ve seen,” the ‘Mirrors’ singer said. “And the Kesha crowd was great… they had so much energy. I really loved supporting Bruno Mars because he’s an incredible musician but he doesn’t take himself too seriously… and he is so much fun to hang out with! I’m excited for Katy Perry – I’m definitely a fan – her voice is beautiful and she’s got so much attitude that I can’t wait to see her show when I come off stage.”

Maroon 5 Bandmates Support Adam Levine On ‘The Voice’

Adam Levine tattoos

In an interview with UsMagazine.com, Adam Levine was asked how his Maroon 5 bandmates feel about him being a judge/mentor on the hit NBC reality singing program ‘The Voice’. “Everybody else loves it. They love it,” the tattooed singer insisted. “When we talked about doing it, it was a risk for sure. Everyone was really supportive and the band was so cool with it, and I think that everyone was hoping it would go exactly the way that it did. Obviously, we were lucky it wound up breaking out. Any time you do something like this you put yourself out there, you never know what’s gonna happen, but I always had my support from my brothers in the band, and it all worked.”

Sky Ferreira: I’m Going Through A Reinvention Phase

Sky Ferreira by Rankin

Sky Ferreira spoke with Rolling Stone in a Q&A, talking about her role as a face for CK One and the progress on her debut album. “I’m going through a reinvention phase, where I’m trying to figure out where it is I want to go next,” the 19-year-old said. “I’m not sixteen anymore, you know? I’m not sure I want to continue in the dance-pop vein that I’ve come to be associated with. The thing people may not know yet is that I have a really good voice; I can actually sing and I’d like to use that to my advantage. Everyone’s vocals are so processed now. So, showcasing what is unique about my voice and my songwriting is a priority. I have a lot more things to say now.”