Britney Spears On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Britney Spears appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday where she spoke with Olympic medalist Kelly Clark who gushed about placing her medal next to an autographed photo of Britney she had. Also, Britney performed ‘I’m Not A Girl’ and spoke with Jay about ‘Crossroads.’ Many no doubt noticed that Britney’s voice cracked a few times at the beginning of the song, so she wasn’t lip-synching. For a transcript of her chat with Jay, click here.

Mariah & EMI Parting Discussed On CNN Money Line

Mariah Carey’s contract buyout by EMI was a topic on CNN’s Money Line earlier this week where experts discussed the financial implications for the company and the music industry in general. Read on for a transcript, thanks to

Janet Jackson Talks New Man, Won’t Name Names

Janet Jackson spoke with Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell on Wednesday where she was grilled about a new boyfriend, but she refused to name names. Word is though that the mystery guy is Q-Tip. When asked if she was in love with ‘this fellow’, Janet said, “See, Nancy, you’re not supposed to ask me any of that stuff because we said we wouldn’t talk about it. We’ll see what happens.” Read on for a transcript.

Janet Jackson Wanted To Still Be Friends With Rene

Janet Jackson spoke with Entertainment Tonight Wednesday to talk about her split with Rene Elizondo in 2000. Janet admitted, “I just hate when things like this have to happen. At least I wanted to be friends. And you don’t talk, and that gets kind of funky and it can be ugly, and I hate all that stuff.” Read on for a transcript.

She is a Grammy nominee and reportedly the highest paid recording artist
in history. But Janet Jackson is still missing something from her personal
life. The star reveals to “E.T.” That her divorce is keeping her from falling
in love again.

It’s still ongoing. It’s been three years. It’s a pain in the butt,
but you have to go through it.

Reporter: Janet was remarkably upbeat and open about her legal battle with Rene Elizondo. Their secret seven-year marriage was only revealed
when he filed for divorce in May of 2000.

I just hate when things like this have to happen. At least I wanted
to be friends. And you don’t talk, and that gets kind of funky and it can
be ugly, and I hate all that stuff.

Reporter: Janet doesn’t see herself walking down the aisle again.

No, i’m not very good at it, I don’t think.

Reporter: Jackson’s turmoil off-stage certainly hasn’t slowed down her
career, with her current world tour, an upcoming HBO special and three
Grammy nominations.

They wanted me to perform and i thought, I’d just love to sit back and
enjoy the show for once.

Reporter: Janet’s hoping Michael will perform on the show. She admits
she doesn’t get to see his two children as much as she’d like, but did
hear from her nephew after giving him a computer.

It’s so sweet. Prince left me the cutest message about his Christmas
present, and he’s only 4. And he said, “you don’t understand, auntie, I’ve
been wanting this for years.”

Mariah Carey Phones In A Merry Christmas Greeting

Mariah Carey left fans a special Christmas treat phoning in a Merry Christmas message to fans in the company of children. Fortunately, she did phone the message in as apparently someone got the number that shouldn’t have and left a message reportedly saying, “How are your t*ts, fool?” Read on for the transcript.

AJ Talks To XL106.7 FM In Orlando, Breaks Silence

AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys talked to Chad of XL 106.7 FM in Orlando and opened up about what exactly happened that got him to go into rehab and revealed that he did dabble in drug use and forceful words by Kevin Richardson calling him “A worthless piece of crap” that served as a wake-up call. For a complete transcript of AJ’s eye opening chat, read on.

Justin Timberlake Calls Into TRL Friday

NSYNC’s Justin called into TRL Friday after Joey and talked of his feelings following the horrific events in New York, D.C., and Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Read on for a full transcript.

Carson: Thank you. Justin are you there?

Justin: Yeah I’m here.

Carson: How are you man?

Justin: Good and you.

Carson: You know. It is stuff.

Justin: Yeah.

Carson: Stuff for everybody. It is stuff being here in New York to be honest with you.

Justin: I’m sure it is and, um, I known hit he with a lot of people who are callin’ in today because everybody was just there for the VMAs but I can tell you we have all said a million prayers and, um, I think that is the best thing we can do right now.

Carson: Have you had a chance to contact your family, I know long-distance lines are down.

Justin: Yeah I’ve talked to my family and all my friends and everybody, everybody I’ve talked there hasn’t been one person who hasn’t known or been affected by what’s going on. I mean I know someone who worked close to us on our crew was on one of those plays.

Carson: Yeah, Joey told us.

Justin: And it just hit home with so many different people and, you know, I feel saddened and I get a bit of anxiety about it lately just because our unity and our spirituality has been definitely challenged as humans and I’m hearin’ all these wonderful things about people goin’ down and volunteering and giving blood and the fact they already have too much of it and it puts a smile on my face and i think there have tests that have been put before us and I think we are passin’ ’em but, i mean, it’s tough. Like everybody said it is just tough and i think we should all, like John just said, show a sense of morale try to keep this whole way of life goin’.

Joey Fatone Calls Into TRL Friday

Joey Fatone of *NSYNC called into TRL’s Special Edition on Friday to talk about the horrible terrorist tragedy in the United States on Tuesday. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Joey from *NSYNC, are you in Florida?

Joey: Yes.

Carson: How are you holdin’ up?

Joey: It was quite a shocker for me I mean comin’ from a different perspective. I actually was waken up and my mom called my phone like, hey, a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center. I’m like in disbelief totally, ran downstairs and turned on the TV and just before I left town that’s when the second plane hit in the other building it was just like — such devastation, I tried call from miss perspective in the being able to do anything right away trying to call some of my friends that were, working around there and one of our security guard’s sister was in the building and thank goodness she actually got out. She had a bunch of third degree burns.

Kurt: What do you feel about this now, having had a couple days to think about it, do you feel grief , anger.

Joey: Still jumbled like the perspective ever being. We will try to help out as much as we can I know in Florida people are giving blood and tryin’ to help out and be patriotic as well and it is just still really hasn’t sunk in because you see it on T.V., Like you say, it looks like a someone on computer did it and to not be able to be there and to really see it, it is just — it’s just an odd feeling, a very scary feeling because you always try to picture what everybody else is going through and watching on TV and the rest of the people trying to find the people through the rubble and everything it is just devastating.

Carson: Did you lose a crew member in this?

Joey: Yes. One of the crew members that worked one of the stages, he actually lives — was in one of the planes that crashed.

Carson: Very sorry to hear that.

Joey: Yeah. He was actually on his way, going home. He has worked with us before and Backstreet Boys and he was traveling and Ken Miller, he gave us a call and let us know and we were completely devastated.

Carson: Also be a native New Yorker are your family and friends okay, have you had a chance to call them?

Joey: Yeah, a lot of friends of mine, there’s a lot of family and friends of mine that have — well, actually in the building one woman actually went out to go on a cigarette break, believe it or not, talk about weird timing and that’s when it started happenin’ and a friend was walkin’ down the street goin’ to work so everybody pretty much he owe one of my friends, Carmine is one of the firefighters helpin’ right now.

Kurt: Are you familiar with that part of town? No doubt you’ve been down there.

Joey: A bunch of times, pretty familiar. I think — I can’t, for me I can’t picture how, you know, obviously it is almost a whole block that’s been completely destroyed and then some.

Carson: I think a popular notion now, joey is everybody is having a real sense of re-prioritizing their own lives, I know I am personally a lot 6 people are saying you know this is a lesson not to sweat the small stuff if you will. Where does it stand for the world’s biggest pop group what are the thoughts of *NSYNC and music?

Joey: The first thing we thought of obviously what can we did to help, that’s the first thing everybody thinks. We have a lot of [note: jumbled here] The children, a the there of the monies we can probably donate and thinkin’ of maybe doing a concert and stuff like that although is probably, hopefully, you know, gonna be scheduled, as soon as possible but then, again, everybody is on such precautious thing as far as flying, we don’t know exactly when that will take place.

Carson: We appreciate you callin’ Joey. Again our best to the guys sorry for your loss and talk to you soon.

Joey: Thank you. My best to you, too.