The Ting Tings Release ‘That’s Not My Name’

Katie White of The Ting Tings checked in with fans on the British indie pop group’s blog at MySpace (@thetingtings) on Sunday (May 11). White writes:

‘That’s Not My Name’ is available for download today so please get off your arses, step away from the Torrent/Blog version that you have probably been bopping to for 6 month’s and go buy a decent recording of our song! This is one of my favorite songs on the album and was written when Jules and myself were skint, feeling down and un-confident after a horrible experience in another band. Although on the face of it, it is chantey and upbeat it actually means a lot to us as it has some really frustrated lyrics/emotion in it that I still find so easy to drag back up when performing it… So yeah, I don’t want to spoil the throw away party song vibe for all you guys who want to dance but it’s a ‘fu** you!’ style song as well, one that we meant every word of when we wrote it. I’m sure you have all felt sh** about yourself at some point, so I imagine you will identify with that part of the song anyway.

Paolo Nutini Headlining Splendour Festival In Nottingham

Paolo Nutini is set to headline day two of the prestigious Splendour Festival in Nottingham, England on July 20th. “Headlining Splendour this summer will be a great chance to play Nottingham some songs from my new record – expect some ukuleles, bongos, harmonicas and a whole lotta trumpets,” Nutini said. “I’ll be looking forward to seeing as many acts as I can and getting back on a festival stage, so let’s hope it’s sunny and everyone’s on form. Take care, big love and see you all in July!” Tickets are available at

O’Rourke: Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair Pics Not As Weird As ‘Hannah Montana’

Meghan O’Rourke of argues that the fuss over the photos of Miley Cyrus in the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine was overblown, and instead took aim at the “lousy with a wised-up materialism” found when watching the Disney Channel show she stars in, ‘Hannah Montana’.
“The issue here isn’t the relative appropriateness of a 15-year-old being photographed draped in bedsheets but the degree to which Cyrus’ parents and Disney have consigned Cyrus to the excruciating demands of being a thoroughly ‘packaged’ ‘tween star,” O’Rourke writes. “Because if you turn on the Disney Channel and clock a little time with ‘Hannah Montana’, what you’ll find is that the layers of self-presentation in the photos are nowhere near as weird as those in the show itself.” Read more.

Lori Borgman: Miley Cyrus Has Become A Quitter

McClatchy Newspapers columnist Lori Borgman says that Miley Cyrus has become a “quitter” after ditching her fresh, young and wholesome image to instead “joined a legion of other confused teens slinking down the path with the signs marked Vamp.” Borgman writes, “Miley’s parents quit, too. No thinking parents leave their 15-year-old daughter with celebrity photographer Annie Leibowitz. She’s hardly Norman Rockwell. Leibowitz is known for posing her subjects naked and half-naked. Leibowitz quit, too. How much easier to do the cliche, as opposed to something fresh and original.” The article at has since been removed.

Brooke Fraser Touring U.S. & Canada In Support Of ‘Albertine’

Brooke Fraser is prepping to release her new album ‘Albertine’ on May 27th in the U.S. and Canada, with the New Zealand singer songwriter performing several shows in support of the record in June and July. Current shows are as follows:

Jun 2 2008 Troubadour Los Angeles, California
Jun 3 2008 Cafe Du Nord San Francisco
Jun 5 2008 Doug Fir Portland, Oregon
Jun 6 2008 BC Media Club Vancouver, British Columbia
Jun 8 2008 Chop Suey Seattle, Washington
Jun 10 2008 Varsity Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jun 11 2008 Lakeshore Theatre Chicago, Illinois
Jun 12 2008 Third & Lindsley Nashville, Tennessee
Jun 14 2008 Duck Room St Louis, Missouri
Jun 15 2008 Record Bar Kansas City, Missouri
Jun 24 2008 Tin Angel Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun 25 2008 Highline Ballroom New York City, New York
Jun 26 2008 Cafe 939 @ Berklee Boston, Massachusetts
Jun 29 2008 Rams Head Tavern Baltimore, Maryland
Jul 2 2008 El Mocambo Toronto, Ontario
Jul 4 2008 Metropolis Montreal, Quebec

Rosie O’Donnell Suggests Hypocricy Over Miley Cyrus Photo Flap

Rosie O’Donnell visited the ‘Today’ show on Monday (May 5), where the former host of ‘The View’ shared her thoughts on the uproar surrounding Miley Cyrus after the ‘Hannah Montana’ star appeared backless in the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine. “I don’t blame Miley Cyrus,” O’Donnell told Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. “I think the double standard is very hypocritical. We are a country that sells sex to kids on a daily basis. Don’t blame the little girl. If you saw her on the beach, she’d be more nude than she was in that photo.”

As for the photographer behind the images, Annie Leibovitz, Rosie called her “a genius on the level of Mozart in photography. She’s very intimidating.” Read more and watch the interview at

Rich Cronin Signs Up For

Rich Cronin tells the Boston Herald’s Inside Track he’s signed on to to find love. “There was a time when I could get any girl I wanted,” the former LFO singer said. “But I knew it was a false reality. I never felt ‘This is what I deserve’. I was aware I was a very lucky guy. I knew it was gonna be short-lived and I should enjoy it while I could.”

So now, after LFO’s 2003 split and an ugly breakup with his girlfriend, Cronin is turning to the internet. “I don’t go out anymore. I don’t go to clubs or bars or do anything,” he said. “A bunch of my friends have tried it and some of them have met some cool people, so I figured I’d give it a week or two.” The article at has since been archived.

VFactory Ready To Lead Boy Band Comeback

Alex Murillo tells the Salt Lake City Tribune that his son Alex’s pop band VFactory are poised to be part of a boy band comeback. “Boy bands are coming back for a variety of reasons,” Alex said. “It has been nearly 10 years since the boy-band craze and the dearth of real good-sounding bands and the absence of ‘big name’ groups that were popular then. Yes, we have the Jonas Brothers, but quite frankly, they are really the only big-name group out there right now.” 19-year-old Alex agrees the time is right. “The market is ready, indeed,” he said. The article at has since been removed.

Berman: Miley Cyrus Backless Photos A Teachable Moment For Parents

In a column for the Chicago Sun-Times, Dr. Laura Berman shared her thoughts on the Miley Cyrus backless photo controversy the ‘Hannah Montana’ star found herself in. “Regardless of whether or not these sexy photos hurt or harm Miley’s career (and knowing Hollywood, they will probably help),” Dr. Berman writes, “parents can actually use this situation to their own advantage and use this story as a ‘teachable moment,’ in which they impart their own point of view and sexual mores to their children in an open and constructive conversation.” has since removed the article.

Miley Cyrus Thanks Fans For Support After Vanity Fair Uproar

Miley Cyrus performed at the Disney Channel Games concert Saturday night, thanking fans for their support following the ‘Hannah Montana’ star’s controversial photo spread in the new issue of Vanity Fair. “I hope you had an awesome time,” Cyrus told the crowd after performing her set. “I saw a sign back there that said, ‘Miley, I’m praying for you.’ I could not be more appreciative. Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love everyone of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.” Check out more details from