Britney Spears’ Show Features Clever Elaborate Sets

Gene Stout of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reviewed Britney Spears’ concert at the Tacoma Dome on Wednesday saying Britney “kept her fans in high spirits even if her voice wasn’t the high point of the show.” Stout added her show “featured clever, elaborate sets and choreography that explored childhood fears and fantasies. It was as though Spears were celebrating the wonders of girlhood before she must face the uncertainties of adulthood later this year.” Read more.

Ana Maria Checks In Under The Weather

Ana Maria of Eden’s Crush posted a new message on her official site’s forum on Thursday. Ana Maria will be performing the National Anthem on Saturday night at the Phoenix Mercury’s WNBA home opener against the Utah Starzz. The singer said, “Hey, everyone! Hope you’re all having a great day so far! I’ve been resting and watching t.v. (something I rarely do) I do like to watch the Food Network, though! I’ve got a cold, and don’t feel too well so I’m just gonna take it easy until Saturday when I sing the Anthem at the WNBA Game. This morning I went to the Doctor and was told I need to rest and do some salt gargles. Tonight I’m probably gonna stay at home and watch videos.”

Berlin Fan Gets Photo With Enrique Iglesias

A fan on Enrique Iglesias’ official site message board posted her photos she took arm-in-arm with Enrique Iglesias outside his hotel stop in Berlin on Tuesday. The fan explained she waited outside the hotel for hours, where it rained part of the time, which is why she looked “like … that.”

Alanis Morissette Plays Custom Show

Alanis Morissette will perform a concert of songs chosen entirely by her fans for a show to be broadcast by the Oxygen cable television network on June 23, and streamed simultaneously at

Lynne Spears Checks In After Britney’s Tour Begins

Lynne Spears posted another update on Wednesday though made no mention of the fact that Britney bowed out of sound check meeting and VIP corporate party Friday night due to what her rep claimed was illness. Lynne also didn’t mention anything about Britney’s father Jamie, who also was reported to be in town for Britney Spears’ tour opening weekend in Las Vegas… and it goes without saying she made no mention of her much publicized divorce filing. Lynne did talk about the Jamie Lynn, herself, and Britney heading to Los Angeles on Memorial Day for a day off at the beach.

Dionne Warwick Blasts Britney Spears

Dionne Warwick has blasted Britney Spears just a week after her marijuana arrest last week. Dionne tells the London Telegraph that Spears is “a role model for strippers” adding, “I don’t really approve of the way our children are forced into being looked at as Playboy bunnies. I think it’s degrading. Britney would not be a role model. Not for my kids anyway.”

Stressed Out Britney Spears Packing On The Pounds

The New York Post reports Britney Spears is said to have “gained at least 10 pounds” recently according to a spy at her Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas last weekend. The spy adds, “She’s gotten chunky, and even my boyfriend commented on her big butt.” Meanwhile, Britney was spotted in town throwing a fit until she got a choice bungalow at the hotel, and also messed up ordering a Coke from a waitress until she corrected her saying, “Don’t you mean Pepsi?” Britney replied, “Oh… yeah.” On the bright side, Britney’s mother, sister, and father were all in town despite Lynne and Jaime’s recent announcement of divorce plans.

AJ McLean Denies Talk Of Backstreet Boys Breakup

AJ McLean tells Universal One that the Backstreet Boys “will be staying together for years to come.” Speaking of Nick Carter’s solo album that prompted new rounds of rumors the band would split, AJ said, “This time it’s about Nick; the next time it could be another one of us. the important thing is that there is support and comradeship between all of us.” AJ says Nick’s side project won’t hurt the band: “On the contrary. I believe that the work of the group is enriched by this.”

Ex Boyzone Star Sends Touching Letter For Fans

Former Boyzone star Mikey Graham mailed the Sun to tell fans thanks for their concern over his nervous breakdown last June. Graham revealed, “Most of you know I have been unwell of late. Last year, after an exhaustive period of promoting both Boyzone and my own projects, I finally collapsed and felt completely burned out. I truly regret that this occurred right when the tour and the album were set to be launched.”