Britney Spears’ ‘Goldmember’ Character Has Enhanced Breasts

Britney Spears’ cameo in the Austin Powers flick ‘Goldmember’ will have the singer, who plays herself in the film, using her “enhanced” breasts fire on Mike Myers character using special nipple guns. A movie source told Britain’s Daily Star tabloid, “Britney’s breasts are the star of the show. The scene is hilarious. She reveals her rude side – and she isn’t afraid to make fun of her own boobs.”

Samantha Mumba Says 2nd Album Release In US Is Going To Be Scary

Samantha Mumba and little brother Omero chatted with Capital FM in London, where Sam revealed details of her upcoming record plans. Mumba said, “I’ve just finished my second album, so I’m going to be releasing that in America. I think it’s going to radio there in a couple of weeks, which is very scary. And then I’m going to be bringing it back over here so it will probably be out over here at the end of August. I’ll be back soon enough doing the promotion and the radio shows. I’m looking forward to getting back into the music. It seems like ages.”

Britney Spears Bags Out On Meeting 5-Year-Old Cancer Victim

Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal reports Britney Spears canceled her sound check meeting and VIP corporate party Friday night, which left a 5-year old girl with brain cancer whose meet-and-greet was arranged by “Make A Wish” and HBO devastated. Britney’s handlers gave the lame excuse that she was ill and couldn’t meet the girl, yet was able to perform her show three hours later. Clarke sneered, “Explains why she was lip-synching so much during Saturday’s show.”

Ike Hanson Thinks He’s A Star Wars Freak!

Contributed by hitzgirl2004:

Isaac Hanson recently posted a message to the fans, on the groups official fan site ( This is what he had to say:

“I think I am a Star Wars Freak. I love Star Wars. I just saw ‘Attack of the Clones’ for the second time at the Mann’s Chinese Theater. It was awesome. Yes I know there are some weak acting moments, and yes some times the CGI is a little much, but I have to say in some ways I liked it better the second time. Oh yeah, Yoda is awesome, really awesome. I defiantly think that you should see this movie.”

Another WNBA Promotional Performance By Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch will give a free concert from atop the marquee of Madison Square Garden on Sunday before the New York Liberty’s WNBA home opener, according to the New York Daily News. Branch will be the second artist to perform from the Garden marquee on Seventh Ave., Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs being the first.

Mariah Carey Spotted At Divas Live!

Contributed Anonymously:

Celebrity Insider reports “Mariah Carey was spotted in Las Vegas at VH1’s Divas Live rehearsal session. According to a spokesperson for the music station, Carey attended at Whitney Houston’s invite. She was seen talking to Houston and Mary J. Blige in the Lounge.”

*NSYNC’s JC Chasez A Race Fan?

Contributed by crys:

Hey all of you JC Chasez fans, did any of you know that JC was a race fan? I sure didn’t. I went to Indianapolis Sat. May 28 to shop at Circle Centre Mall the day before the Indy 500 and guess who was there for the race, uh huh JC. He is so sweet. The boy loves sunglasses, I think he spent at least a half hour in the Sunglasses Hut trying on different glasses. Oh yeah, I did get to meet the wonderful guy and he gave my friends and I an autograph. Just thought I’d share with you all what he has been up to.

Nikka Costa Couldn’t Be More Different Than Britney Spears

Mike Roberts of The Vancouver Province spoke by phone with Nikka Costa who is headed to town with Britney Spears on Britney’s Dream Tour at the Pacific Coliseum on Tuesday. “We couldn’t be more different in every way,” Costa says of Spears. “But I think it’s a good thing. It makes for a more interesting night and it means the audience gets to see two totally different shows. It’s different musically and performance-wise — I don’t have any dancers, routines, costume changes or fire-breathing equipment. Me and my band just get there and rock out.”

Kylie Minogue Makes 8 Year Old Cancer Victim’s Dream Come True

The Scottish Daily Record reports Kylie Minogue made a dream come true eight-year-old Connor Meek, who is fighting a rare form of bone cancer. The boy got to meet Kylie before she performed to 8000 fans at Glasgow’s SECC. His mother Heather said, “Kylie was fantastic. I think meeting her has given Connor a new lease of life.”