Abs Says There Won’t Be A Five Reunion

Former Five singer Abs Breen tells Worldpop.com that the band won’t be reuniting. “There’s no way we’ll be getting back together,” he insisted. “It’s done and dusted and time to move. A new book.” Abs is currently recording his debut single ‘What You Got’ which should be released in July.

Britney Spears’ Tour In Mexico City Sells Out

Contributed by BritsSlave4ever17:

It’s official, today the tickets for Britney´s concert in Mexico City have sold out. Britney will perform in a stadium with an audience of over 52,000 people. Tickets went on sale for $16, $26, $36, $50, $100 and $190 USD. The concert will be on July 27th. It´s not official yet, but there are rumors that a second date will be added either the day before or the day after. These tickets sold out within a half hour.

Britney Spears Sunglasses Hit Stores

A reader named Mandee e-mailed me today with news on Britney’s new line of sunglasses: “Hey I was in the local shop rite yesterday and there was a stand selling the
Shades of Britney sunglasses…they were priced at 11.99.” There’s an official site for Britney Spears eyewear, which sells the line for between $16-20. You gotta wonder why none of the photos on the site include Britney actually wearing any of the sunglasses.