Catfight In The Sugababes Camp

Keisha Buchanan has finally owned up to fighting with depressed Sugababes bandmate Heidi Range. Keisha tells The Sunday Mirror, “The arguments have not been very pretty. It was hard when she came into the group because Mutya and I had known each other for ages and suddenly had someone else in the group whom we didn’t know.” Rubbing more salt into the wound, Keisha also poked fun at how Heidi is trying to act more like them, as the trio is rumored to be on the verge of a breakup. “She is copying Mutya and I with all the hand movements,” Keisha sneered. “She tries to speak like us as well.”

Sugababes Cancel November Tour

August 8, 2003 – The Sun reports that the Sugababes have cancelled their November tour, claiming they need more time to record their new album. The tour dates will not be pushed out until next March. A spokesman said, “The girls need more time to record their album so the tour had to be put back. We apologize to fans who have bought tickets but they will be valid for the dates in March.”

Sugababes Snub Leads To Radio Aire Backlash

July 26, 2003 – The Mirror reports that the Sugababes last minute cancellation from Radio Aire’s Party In The Park has reportedly gotten the trio banned from the station’s playlist, who were furious of the pullout. “They cancelled their performance at the last minute letting down all their fans,” sniffed one insider. “Heidi called one of our DJs, Rossi, and muttered something about one of the girls being ill.”

Sugababes Make Their Glastonbury Debut

June 30, 2003 – Sugababes star Mutya Buena caught up with Radio 1 after their debut performance at the Glastonbury festival. “It was really nerve-wracking at first, because when you watch it on TV you hear about all the people throwing crap on stage and stuff like that,” she remarked. “But it went down really well, and I’m really glad. I feel like going back up.”

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4 thoughts on “Catfight In The Sugababes Camp

  1. HoneyRain says:

    if you are gonna post a story about a catfight.. make sure it’s between 2 celebrities we know and actually care about!

  2. BeccaUK says:

    Sugababes are British, so the UK people here (because this site isn’t just for Americans) do know them.

  3. scottd710199 says:

    They only care about news from the USA They don’t and hardly ever embrace artists from other countries or cultures. They live in a GOLDFISH BOWL They only get to find out about world news if a war is on. They call Football SOCCER They do not allow British Shows on the 5 Network Channels All the imported shows like Coupling has to have an all American Cast. Why not just play the original? Because the networks feel the USA public wont understand the humor. Yet here in the UK we just play the shows as they are made because lets face it its better that way. What made me write this. The person that said WHO CARES ABOUT THE SUGABABES they are not famous. This band is one of the biggest bands in Europe just because they are unknown in the good old USA they can’t be spoken about on this board. I say Bull S… This is not directed at all American People For those of you who have travelled around and seen the world then I don’t mean to offend. But please realize that the world is a big place and it can offer so much more than narrow minded AMERICA

  4. BeccaUK says:

    I don’t know if I would have gone this far, but I understand where you’re coming from here. Sugababes are quite a big British band, and while there may be a majority of Americans on this board, there are plenty of people here who live in the UK and are interested in British news.

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