CBBC Newsround Q&A With Missy Higgins

caught up with CBBC Newsround for a Q&A and was asked about the origin of her “new” single ‘Ten Days’, where she perhaps put to rest those questioning her sexual preference. “The song is called ‘Ten Days’. It’s a song that I wrote when I was overseas. I’d just broken up with my boyfriend – we’d decided that we couldn’t be together because I was going to be away too much,” Higgins said. “I’d been away for ten days and I was just really in agony because I was really missing him. I regretted leaving him so it’s basically a song about missing someone and regretting certain things that you’ve done. I actually recorded the song as soon as I wrote it and sent it to him because it was his birthday. We ended up getting back together – you can’t write a song about that and not get back together!” Check out the entire chat transcript here.

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