Celeb Guest for Mariah Carey Fan Gathering

Contributed Anonymously:

Rising Star “Taryn” whom sings the theme song to Mariah Carey’s movie ‘Wise Girls’ adds to the list as celebrity guest for the “On-Line Fan Gathering” thrown by Leo Porter & Will Ward of Mariah Land. The duo have planed Chats, Contests, Special Guest Janel Spiegel, who has met Ms. Carey and her story is featured in the Members Only Section of the Mariah Land site, a Chance to trade MPEG’s and pictures with other Mariah Fans, and so much more. To find out more, and to see times and places for the different events go to mariahland.com.

This isn’t the only thing this Mariah Fan Team is doing currently the two have started the Lambz Task Force, a group of fans with representatives from each state of the USA to stand up for Ms. Carey, and currently working on a Fan Book greatly named “Fan’s Faces” to be given directly to the Diva. Look for more from this team at www.mariahland.com .

Taryn is on her way to Greece to perform for USA troops on the Forth of July. With her new album out which can be purchased at Amazon.com or her official web-site (www.tarynonline.com) this diva is taking the time to help support Mariah, who happens to be one of Taryn’s inspirations.

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