Celebrities React To Kris Allen’s ‘American Idol’ Victory

Celebrities are reacting to Kris Allen’s victory over on tonight’s ‘American Idol’ via Twitter, some of whom spoiled it for west coast viewers. Among the reactions:

David Archuleta: Wow! What an amazing show! Congrats to Kris! Also to Adam for the incredible job that he did too! They had some awesome performers!

Billy Bush: Source at the top says Votes were NOT close on idol. IE Kris blew out Adam Lambert.

Joe Simpson: Chris….congrats!!! … Ur right.. It is Kris! however, I think Adam is a huge star. What a voice.. Papa is proud of both guys!!!

Darren Hayes: Idol Schmidol. What a crock of baloney.

Anthony Callea: It’s not that bad to come 2nd!

Drew Seeley: Wow. Kris. Upset of the year? Good for him, I think that’s awesome. They are BOTH gonna get a chance to make an album so its a win win

Larry King: I see Kris won Idol, never underestimate the underdog! He’ll be here Friday, tweet away w/ questions

Blake Lewis: And Kris takes it my friends. Your new American Idol Kris Allen. number 2 like myself

Shopping At Barneys New York

May 19, 2009 – ‘American Idol’ finalist Adam Lambert was spotted preparing for this week’s finale by looking for some new outfits at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills. Lambert wouldn’t give away any secrets about what to expect on tonight’s show, and when asked to comment on the Miss California controversy regarding the gay marriage debate, Adam said he had no idea what the Finalpixx videographer was talking about because he’s been in the ‘Idol’ bubble. Watch video below.

Simon Cowell Discusses Life After ‘American Idol’

May 15, 2009 – Simon Cowell sat down with ‘Fox & Friends’ host Brian Kilmeade in a two part interview. In part one, he discussed getting a visit from Brian every year at this time, whether Adam Lambert has already won this season’s ‘American Idol’, his off mic interaction with Paula Abdul, and Brian’s failed attempt at ‘America’s Got Talent’. In part two, Simon talked about his future on ‘American Idol’, what’s up after his ‘Idol’ run ends, how the show has remained such a hit, and whether he feels people are jealous of his success. Video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

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