Celebrity Survey

Conan O’Brien featured a skit on his program Tuesday called Celebrity Survey, where stars answered questions the ‘Late Night’ host posed them. “When people first meet me, they often yell out – Robin Williams wrote, ‘Hey, Mork!’, Chuck Norris wrote, ‘Hey, Walker!’, Justin Guarini wrote, ‘Hey, waiter!’ … If I could wear anything, I’d wear – Jamie Foxx wrote, ‘An Armani suit’, Heath Ledger wrote, ‘Jeans and a t-shirt,’ wrote, ‘Heath Ledger’. … One city that’s not as much fun as it sounds is – Penn Jillette wrote, ‘Las Vegas’, Natalie Portman wrote, ‘Hollywood’, wrote, ‘Boise’.”

Jackson Family To Stage Intervention For Michael’s Pill Abuse?

December 7, 2005 – Michael Jackson’s family fears his pill popping has spun “out of control” again and they’re making plans to fly to Bahrain to stage an “intervention” rescue, the New York Daily News has learned. But Raymone Bain called the report “a total lie”.

Cocaine In Jackson’s Underwear?

December 3, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “According to the British tabloids, cocaine was found on Michael Jackson’s underwear during a police raid last year in Neverland Ranch. They think he could have a coke problem. Hey, it’s probably why he gets a new nose every year. Think about that? Probably why. Cracko Jacko. … Well, more problems for Michael. It now seems that his ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, is now saying Michael is not the biological father the children. Did you hear that? Yeah. She’s now speaking out against Michael. You know what that means. Apparently the check bounced.”

Clay’s Hairdresser Now Clay’s Dancer

November 26, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “ has hired his personal hairdresser as a backup dancer on his tour. Well, that should put an end to the rumors.”

Justin Guarini To Deliver Petition To Congress

February 27, 2005 – Phillyburbs.com reports that ‘American Idol’ season one runner-up Justin Guarini will hand-deliver a petition to Congress members in March, in an effort to preserve music education in schools. The petition is an initiative of NAMM, the International Music Products Association, its non-profit affiliate the American Music Conference (AMC) and its teen web site, themusicedge.com, along with Teen People.

The full story at phillyburbs.com has since been removed.

Justin Guarini Laments Downside Of Fame

December 30, 2004 – Atlanta’s Q100 quotes Justin on his thoughts of fame: “Fame is a disappointment. It’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors. It’s not that big a deal. I don’t want it to ruin my life.”

Saddam’s Other Phone Call

October 8, 2004 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “The CIA just came out with a new report and it said that Saddam Hussein was so fearful of the U.S. that he used a phone only two times after 1990. Yeah, once to call his generals, and once to vote for Justin Guarini.”

Justin Guarini’s Life Post-Flop

June 26, 2004 – Justin spoke with TV Guide Online about being dropped by RCA after selling less than 200,000 copies of his debut album. “That’s just life,” he explained. “Records take a long time to put together. The main problem with my last record is that we didn’t take the time that it needed to really find the correct songs and to develop the correct steam. To be perfectly honest, I’m pursuing my dream elsewhere.” As for his sophomore effort? “I’m gonna get that off the ground about a year from now. I’m talking to a couple of labels and some songwriters. I’m thankful that people still care [about me] after two years. That really warms my heart.”

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7 thoughts on “Celebrity Survey

  1. lilla says:

    no Justin, a great album doesn’t take time, it takes a great artist. 2pac Shakur recorded all of the songs for the 7 day theory in 3 days, then it took another 4 days to perfect them. and that is one good album

  2. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Justin Guarini has a lot of fans. He still has one more chance to prove himself. He needs his next record to break him out – he’d better do a good job this time.

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    You know, Justin has a lot of talent, and a lot of heart! He’s got a great attitude, and I’m glad that he’s still trying! I think after Kelly won Idol I, people just put him on the back burner, and that’s not really fair. I mean, I’m glad that Kelly won season I, she was the obvious winner out of the two. But Justin deserves better than what he’s gotten. He’s gotten so much grief for his debut effort, and it really wasn’t his fault it sucked! His vocals were good…they just picked the wrong material. And that is really unfortunate! His effort was better than a lot of the stuff that has come out that is accepted by the general public. It’s not fair to him, cause he doesn’t deserve it! Hopefully, he’ll get on with a label that will take the time and make the effort….and give him some say cause I think he really has what it takes!

    Justin is a NEW artist! Maybe those who’ve been around for a while can make an album’, ‘in less than 2 weeks and have it ready for stores, but it takes experience to be able to do that…seriously!! Justin is young, had NEVER made an album…..he was learning!

    Well, some will say “oh, but he HAD a chance, and he blew it”…. but I think it was those BEHIND THE SCENES that blew it for him. He just needs to get the right people behind him. I really think that Justin is too much of an individual, a “think on your own” type of person who doesn’t like being bullied by record execs into an image he doesn’t want!!!! I think THAT, overall, is why he was dropped by RCA…. I don’t know!! I just know I have respect for him….and a great deal of it!

  4. WaneInTheZone says:

    You dumb white girls don’t know anything… Tupac was a poet, He’s never made a bad record during his career and he’s never compromised who he was too sell records. Coming from a bunch of Backstreet Boys fans, I don’t think you’d have the depth nor the knowledge to speak on such a sensitive subject. So basically shut the hell up before you right a check your pasty ass can’t cash.

  5. sally says:

    Me I feel like 2pac was really great and hard to beat! You definitely have a right on your opinion but it bothers me a little when you write : “just another gangsta”. He was far more than that.

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Oh, THIS coming from a Britney fan.. Being a Britney fan, you have even LESS credibility than us “backstreet fans”….. His music sucked ass, and I have both the knowledge AND depth to speak on the subject!!! Back off….YOU’RE the one writing checks your ass can’t cash. Oh, and since I tan in the nude, MY ass ain’t pasty…just another wrong you need to right!

  7. Damack says:

    Tupac was only the greatest lyricist the rap game ever saw, and will continue to be’, ‘for a very long time. The closest anyone has ever been is Eminem, but it still takes a lot more than that to fill Pac’s shoes. And to say how can you compare him to a “real singer” proves that you don’t know jack $hit, because Justin Guarini and his curls isn’t even a real singer nor can he ever be compared to the greatest MC of all time.

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