Celina Laurie Reveals Beckham Waxes His Private Parts

Celina Laurie, who claims to have bedded former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s husband David, has revealed intimate details about the soccer star — he kept his pubic area hair free. “They are bald. I didn’t think it was a big deal because most men in Denmark have theirs waxed. I don’t like it if they are not. It’s dirty,” the Danish 27-year-old revealed. “So Becks must have been hair-free because otherwise it would have put me off. And he appreciated the fact that I’m also a fan of waxing. We were in mutual agreement.” The full story at people.co.uk has since been removed.

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4 thoughts on “Celina Laurie Reveals Beckham Waxes His Private Parts

  1. Jenna-Taylia says:

    Oh Pur-lease…so what she is trying to say is that she would have turned him down if he had hairy balls!?? Yeah, right!

  2. popnicklover says:

    My God, did we REALLY need to read this?! Don’t these whores know what “privacy” means?! I certainly wouldn’t go around, revealing that a man I’ve had sex with waxes the area surrounding his penis!

  3. sharonabbey24 says:

    wtf is this? wtf are these girls getting out of this by telling the world these false allegations. they’ll all be branded as slappers, so they need to shut the f**k!!

    knowing how becks is style conscience, anyone could have guessed that he waxed. and yes, I would never turn him down either. he’s a little too metrosexual for me, but his overall package is an A++! you know what they say about football players and their endurance…lol.

  4. bsg1hbk says:

    heck ..id do becks no matter how hairy his balls were…but anyway…anyway…its really hard for that to be any evidence since…we don’t know if his golden balls are waxed or not…but he’s a very groomed man anyone could of guessed he was groomed ALL OVER anyway…this bloke is a flippin muppet for letting get this far.

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