Celine Dion Escorts Mother To Father’s Funeral

arrived at her father Adhemar Dion’s funeral at the Saints Simon and Jude Chapel in Dion’s home town of Charlemagne, Quebec the other day. Dion was accompanied by her husband Rene Angelil and her mother Therese.

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4 thoughts on “Celine Dion Escorts Mother To Father’s Funeral

  1. Jive says:

    That’s sad that her pictures are being taken at a time she needs for herself. Hope she will feel better and go on with her career. Best wishes to her.

  2. kellyismad says:

    I saw some footage of this Media Event…er, I mean, FUNERAL, on TV. I felt so horrible for her that all these fans and “journalists” with cameras were following her around. I’m sure people want to “support” her, well, send a card, make a donation to a charitable organization in her name, don’t follow her limo up the hill while she’d on her home from a Funeral. How rude.

  3. Cicero says:

    Yeah, I’m not gonna click on those pictures. It’s not right that they photographed her at this time.

  4. tebogo says:

    it was will deep sympathy to hear about celines dad.hope she will get over it soon.

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