Chad Gilbert’s Sabbath Serenade To Kelly Osbourne

The Scottish Daily Record reports New Found Glory rocker Chad Gilbert won the heart of Kelly Osbourne by serenading her at a restaurant with an acoustic version of ‘Changes’ – an old Black Sabbath classic. A friend said, “Kel loves the song. She couldn’t believe he went to the trouble of going out to buy the album and learn the words her dad wrote years ago.”

Sharon Osbourne Blasts Louis Walsh After Kelly Diss

The Scottish Daily Record reports Sharon Osbourne blasted manager Louis Walsh after he called daughter Kelly Osbourne “talentless” and claimed she was only famous because she had a “silly mother and a very silly father.”

Sharon told Walsh: “You have one up on me and my daughter, as we don’t know who you are or what you do. But obviously you are not a father and have not had the privilege of dealing with a lot of young people because no normal human being would have made the comments you made about an 18-year-old girl.”

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