Charlie Simpson & Co.: America Or Bust-ed caught up with Charlie Simpson of to ask what the group’s plans are after their huge success and tour in the UK. “After the tour I think we might go and see how America likes us, though we’re not going to desert the UK like a lot of bands,” he said. “If things work out we’ll be coming back and forth a lot.”

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2 thoughts on “Charlie Simpson & Co.: America Or Bust-ed

  1. Whatomat says:

    No chance British acts haven’t been doing well in the US since the Spice Girls, the only ones I know of really are Craig David who nobody knew he was British for a while and Dido who only got big because of Eminem. Robbie Williams, Atomic Kitten, etc. are unknown in the US. Besides,, Busted are crap and I wish no one in Europe knew this talentless Avril style boy band.

  2. sugarberrie says:

    I don’t get why artists and bands always feel like they have to make it big in the states. music tastes in north America are constantly changing and pop isn’t embraced as much as it is in the UK. I like bands from the UK staying there and Asia. not because I don’t want them to reach a larger audience, but they’re more appreciated in those areas. all my fave bands and artists from the UK who tried the states basically bombed. although Canada does take them in. ^ other bands who failed to make it in the states: Westlife, 5ive, a1, take that, Boyzone, etc. all but Westlife have split up now, but they did pretty well in Canada for a while… sorry, I’m totally babbling.

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