Charlie Simpson’s Busted Insults Leave Matt Willis Fuming

Former Busted star spoke with The Mirror about the rudeness displayed by his former bandmate Charlie Simpson in breaking up the band to start Fightstar and then calling his time with Busted “torture”. “We were in the band for five years, and it’s insulting to our fans who spent money following us around, buying our music and voting for us to win awards,” Willis said. “It’s out of order. People say I shouldn’t say anything but when I read all the things he says about us, I get really angry. I haven’t got anything against his new band but it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for us. I texted Charlie and left loads of messages a while ago and he didn’t get back to me, so I just thought fu** you. Then out of the blue about two weeks ago I got a text from him asking how I was. So I guess we’re cool, but James [Bourne] is the one who’s still one of my best mates.”

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11 thoughts on “Charlie Simpson’s Busted Insults Leave Matt Willis Fuming

  1. MYSELF says:

    He’s hot!

  2. Haru says:

    Haha you go Matt!
    lol I don’t care how late this is xD
    but Matt is awesome

  3. Chaz13 says:

    Shut up you freaks Charlie’s well hot, yea he shouldn’t have said that his time in Busted was ‘torture’ but his new band well cool so just back off!! love you Charlie <333 <333

  4. toni says:

    Songs are very good I love Charlie Simpson

  5. flux_webber says:

    Chester is so brilliant as compared to charlie-the-loser.instead of LP he’s got another band means that he’s not quitting from his originated hot band in the market, but he make more money and gain more popularity by forming a band that suit his vocal and interest-rock. Bravo Chester and BOO to Charlie a.k.a fu**star

  6. sibby says:

    Why do people focus on their looks so much. Yea they’re cute but what matters is that they’re amazing, adaptable musicians.

  7. andy says:

    Matt you are awesome but… Charlie Simpson tried to stick with Busted for a while he just not into pop rock just back off leave Charlie alone his new band also rock <3 you Fightstar

  8. Janine J says:

    Matt is totally fit! I can’t believe Charlie would do something like that, Matt nor James insults his band. OMG

  9. tori says:

    if Charlie didn’t want to be in a pop rock band in the first place then he shouldn’t have gone to the audition. sure he wanted a job but still.
    Charlie never would have had the opportunity to start Fightstar and have the fanbase of busted fans he has if he wasn’t in busted.
    Fightstar sucks, the songwriting is worse than the vocals.
    Matt and James shouldn’t waste their breathe on him hes not worth it.

  10. amy says:

    Charlie shouldn’t of left the band the band was really awesome a lot of people loved them, if the band was so much torture then why did so many people love them then ?
    they were well good together in the band and now a lot of people are disappointed in Charlie think of all the people that loved you A LOT now think of all the people that dislike you, i loved them all so much now i think Charlie sucks as much as fight star by the way fight star is the worsted band ever its so bad can’t believe you went to them and didn’t stay with your true friends well proves you wasn’t a very good friend your self or a band mate what would be great is you all got back together that would make so many people happy

  11. Ava says:

    At first when Charlie left I understood but to say that busted was torture!!! How does he think it makes Matt and James feel??

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