Charlotte Church: A Child Gimmick

Contributed Anonymously:

I just wanted to make my own opinion about Charlotte Church from the recent essay “Who’s Charlotte Church?” Now, I know Charlotte Church is not pop, so yeah it’s random that she’s on this forum, but since she’s, then I guess its okay.

First of all, as you already know, Charlotte Church was a rising opera star at the tender age of 12. Even though opera fans and students alike didn’t really think of her as being the best opera singer, they took consideration of her age and liked her anyway, having hopes that she would mature as she gets older. But these are the two issues here: 1) her voice has never grown vocally. Her voice is just…pretty…that is all. Hitting the high notes doesn’t necessarily mean that you are bringing justice to the song; you need to bring the passion too. And that’s something that Charlotte Church has failed to bring. Christina Aguilera can probably sing Amazing Grace better than Charlotte Church!! And 2) at a tender age the recording folks never took consideration of her age, instrument, and training. You can’t make a young child sing songs that are meant to be sung by an adult! That’s like making a first grader take the SAT. It just doesn’t work!

Apparently, these people made her do these challenging songs that are meant to be sung after the voice has matured through experience just for money, and pretty much milking Charlotte Church for all her worth. Nowadays, she sings horribly, she drinks, smokes, has various boyfriends, etc., pretty much the average 18 year old. But still, it’s a shame that somebody that could have had such a promising career has to be washed away just because people used her as a child gimmick. That’s the real Charlotte Church people; it’s not a pretty sight.

P.S. I know some of you probably think that we don’t care about Charlotte Church, but no, it’s simply because her stardom has faded so much that we barely know who she is anymore.

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