Charlotte Church Caught On Camera Behaving Badly

The People reports that a cell phone’s camera captured blasting expletives, attacking the guy taking the pics, and kissing ex-boyfriend Kyle Johnson after screaming abuse at him. The 19-year-old singer then tried to buy off the photos, worried her rugby star lover Gavin Henson, who is touring New Zealand with the British Lions, would see them. “It was made clear to me that she wanted the phone just because of the pictures of her and Kyle,” club doorman Noar Tajul, who took the photographs, revealed. “The caller’s exact words were, ‘That photograph of her and fu**ing Kyle Johnson is going to lead to a fu**ing lot of fu**ing questions’.” Noar added: “There was no way I was going to hand it over. She thinks she can just buy her way out of everything.” Read more.

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