Charlotte Martin Previews Her New EP ‘Orphans’

Charlotte Martin discusses 'Orphans' posted an update on her YouTube channel, talking about her forthcoming EP ‘Orphans’, due November 2008. The disc will include b-side masters which never made it on her previous releases.

“So ‘Orphans’ is not an album per se,” Charlotte said. “It wasn’t written top to bottom. Basically the concept is that I had been going through my catalog, and I came across a lot of songs and master recordings that never ended up on records, which is really sad, hence the ‘Orphans’ title for these songs. I decided while I’m making album three I wanted to release these B-side masters for you guys. Some of them will be songs you haven’t heard of. A couple of them will be songs you’ve heard of that have been re-recorded and either didn’t make it on your show or ‘Stromata’. They’ll all be different versions.”

She continued, “I’m pretty excited about it. There’s everything on there from fully electronic, to solo piano, to orchestral, to cabaret style, so you’ll get to see the span of all of the different things I’ve been experimenting with over the last ten years of my career.”

Watch the message below.

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