Charlotte Sometimes Discusses Warped Tour

Charlotte Sometimes

‘Access Hollywood’ caught up with (Jessica Charlotte Poland), who talked about being on the genre evolving Warped Tour. “It’s definitely going really well,” the 20-year-old said of playing to the Warped crowds. “At times, it’s like Katy Perry, me and Shwayze are kind of like the guinea pigs of the tour. It’s like they’re trying to change the tour, so it’s still a process, but it’s definitely going really well. I’m pleasantly surprised because I didn’t know what to expect when I joined the tour.”

As for the sudden attention she’s receiving following the release of her debut album ‘Waves and the Both of Us’, the New Jersey artist remarked, “It’s been really overwhelming for sure, but it’s been really exciting. I’ve been having a great time… I’m a little bit star struck sometimes [but] I’m really just happy people are picking the music up and into it.” Read more.

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