Chart Topper More Of A Bottom In His Private Life

A blind item in Billy Masters column today asks, “Could it be that a very popular chart topper is more of a bottom in his private life? So say people who have connected with the big-mouthed boy. And I’ve heard one very funny story about a tryst that didn’t quite happen. Two years ago, one of my sources and the skinny songstress chatted on (his hookup service of choice) and agreed to meet in a local parking lot. After my mouth piece saw the then-mop topped scrawny bottom, he knew this wasn’t a connection for him. To get out of it gracefully, he agreed to follow the solitary soul home – only to speed off in the opposite direction. Here’s the best part of the story – has obtained the exclusive photos allegedly used by our boy when he’s looking for someone on the web to lay him down – so to speak. He may not be the best out there, but sometimes number two gets it in the end.”

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