Chase Coy In The Studio With The Icarus Account

Chase Coy 'Picturesque'

checked in with his Twitter and Facebook followers the last few days as he hits the studio with Ty and Trey Turner of the Fort Myers, Florida pop duo The Icarus Account. Coy, who self-released his latest album ‘Indiana Sun’ in April, writes:

Starting to record with The Icarus Account tomorrow for their next full-length album. Really excited to focus on somebody else’s ups and downs in love instead of mine for a month. We have a great bunch of songs, and I’m sure it’s going to turn out great!

I love The Icarus Account because they bring chocolate to the studio. Oh and I guess they make good music too. :P

Day 2 of tracking with The Icarus Account. Taking a break for my neighbor to finish mowing his lawn lol.

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