Chasing After Samantha Ronson Led To Lindsay Lohan Wreck?

Splash has more details and video footage of Lindsay Lohan’s car crash, where just before it happened the 20-year-old threw a medicine bottle at the paparazzo filming the scene. It was Samantha Ronson leaving from Lohan’s apartment building that caused her to get in the car and follow the DJ, according to their source. “Lindsay drove her Mercedes out of the front gate, drove over to Samantha and told her to get in the car, but Samantha said no,” the tipster explained. “Samantha eventually got in the car and sat on someone else’s lap who was inside.” It was on the way back to her apartment that Lindsay lost control.

“Lindsay got out of the car straight away and ran to a nearby house,” a source said. “She seemed to be speaking to a security guard. Her driver then came along and moved the wrecked car out of the way before taking Lindsay home.” Will Lohan insist that she wasn’t drunk but the accident was the result of three people squeezed into the 2-seat roadster arguing that prompted the wreck?

Video at Splash News has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan Hits Winston’s With New Guy

Star magazine reports Lindsay Lohan was getting affectionate with a mystery man at Winston’s on Monday night. “They sat in the back corner of the bar, Lindsay was drinking water, and looking very happy,” a witness explained. “At one point Lindsay and the guy were necking with each other! She would come up for air once in a while with a huge smile, but then dove back in for more.”

The story at has since been removed.

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