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Well anyone doubting if of is plotting a solo career may be interested in visiting, a website representing various artists. The ad says, ‘Watch out! Justin Timberlake is about to blow up! Coming in Fall ’02’.

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8 thoughts on “Check Out The Pop Up Ad At

  1. EndIsNear says:

    I hope he’s eaten by a giant ape, I hope he disappears from this planet, I wish him all the worst things in the world, he will pay for this, he will burn in hell that mother*****er will pay.

  2. Fan says:

    Destruction of NSYNC right there. Justin still hasn’t come out and said he is doing a solo album, he hides behind his partners to leak that news and he hides behind Britney to deny the break-up. He doesn’t know the first thing of going it alone.

  3. Syndney says:

    The countdown is on. Did someone manage to let Nick Carter know of the Backstreet Boys that he will have competition for a solo cd with Jive? ;-)

  4. EndIsNear says:

    Nick is starting to become a Timberlake, I hope it will not end like this for BSB too.

  5. Fan says:

    At least Nick is honest. He came out and said “yes, I’m doing an album” He talks about it, and lets his fans know what he is up to.

    Justin lies, denies, and hides behind other people and then in interviews the solo album is banned from being discussed in them.

  6. JustinSucks says:

    I totally agree. Justin is a wuss who’s not man enough to admit that he’s going solo and tearing the group apart. He’s trying not to look like the bad guy. After all, how many *NSYNC fans will buy the solo CD of the guy who destroyed *NSYNC?

    Is it wrong to hope his album flops and he has to crawl back on his knees to the rest of the guys? The very ones he treats as nothing more than his back-up singers.

  7. VainVanna says:

    Does anyone else remember that Nick Lachey (of 98 Degrees) is doing a solo album, too? Or am I just out of it?

  8. EndIsNear says:


    Are you retarded or what?

    98 degrees are not splitting up for that, they don’t even have an album out since 1920, and Nick is not a greedy bastard and he doesn’t diss the other members of the group and blah blah why bothering to explain this to teenies?



    They’re out, and only BECAUSE TIMBERLAKE IS AN ASS.

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