Chelsea Korka With Boyfriend Sky Blu

Chelsea Korka with boyfriend Sky Blu

Chelsea Korka of posted several pictures from their tour on her Twitpic account, including some shots of her and boyfriend Sky Blu of LMFAO. Sparks apparently developed for the pair after Chelsea filmed the ‘La La La’ music video with the hip hop act. are set to join and Lolene at the 2010 Dinah Shore weekend held at the Hilton Hotel and The Hyatt Regency in Palm Springs, California from March 31-April 4.

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35 thoughts on “Chelsea Korka With Boyfriend Sky Blu

  1. D@n!3L@ says:

    if you are the luckiest woman in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX

  2. MarLYn says:


  3. lol says:

    LOL are you kidding? Sky Blu is ugly and stupid

  4. Mega Nuts says:

    Im crazy for SKYBLU! how come he’s ugly and stupid? extremely the OPPOSITE! To say She’s the Luckiest! SKYBLUS THE SEXIEST! WAHAHAHA

  5. johwanna says:

    aww I’m upset now shes so lucky :*(

  6. :)) says:

    ^_^ Redfoo & sky blu are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
    anabel, from espain 14 years ;P

  7. :)) says:

    Redfoo & Sky Blu are the BEST!!
    Anabel of spain 14 years ;P ?

  8. anabelspain says:

    i love your music style & your clothes style! is only! i don’t know if this is correct, I’m using the translator hehehe

  9. stephiboo says:

    love sky blu!! there’s no room for haters in the world, must avoid as least possible!! love you guys!!!!

  10. luvin lmfao!!! says:

    OMG I LOVE LMAFO AND SKY BLU AND REDFOO THEY ARE SOOOOO AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE <3 :))))))))))

  11. mayan says:

    skys sexy as hell

  12. aaa says:

    skyblu, you are so lucky !!!!!!!

  13. michO says:

    skyblu is nOt ugly and stupid yOu ……………….!! hate the stupiid people that saids that lOve yOu skyblu!

  14. rosa says:

    bitch te crees mejor que yo

  15. Christina Tassone says:

    Are you Insane I am Engaged with Skyler Gordy You are a Bitch Dark Brown hair Girlfriend what He didn’t I am Waring the Engagement Ring Bitch. and you know what Else Girlfriend Your UGLY have fun you are a Scumbag Prick

    Told you So

  16. Ashley Kameron says:

    Lucky bitch xD

  17. lmfaofan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    ok who ever is lol your RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!! how do u not love sky blu???????????

  18. charlene esposito says:

    I think Sky Blu is 1 hot looking guy.. She is 1 lucky girl. I wish i could have him as my boyfriend… :oD

  19. zendayalover says:

    im soo happy for chelsea, she was the prettiest girl from the search for the next doll

  20. Me :D says:

    OMG ! SHE’S SO LUCKY ! *O* SKY IS SO HOT, SO SEXY, OMG… He’s the best singer EVER ! I love Sky so much… :’)

  21. Christina Tassone says:

    you have untouched an Angel UGLY Because you are Girlfriend
    Know what Sweetheart you are a Scumbag

  22. Kat Pop says:

    Hello Sky Blu!!!!!!!! I would too much like to meet you with RedFoo!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to say to you that you is great beautiful with this girl!!!!!! My brother has even glasses as you (the big) and i like wearing them!!!!! Because it reminds me even more you!!!! I love you! The Lena

  23. Kat Pop says:

    You are too much beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  24. alyssa komes says:

    Sky Blue you picked the perfect girl you are a good couple togehter you are the hottiest guy ever but im only ten waaaaaaaaaa well its ok i want to see and red foo and Chelsea all together in real life.

  25. redfoo rocks says:

    skyblu is luckyyyy

  26. redfoo rocks says:

    but chelsea is ugly

  27. redfoo rocks says:

    and skyblu is hot!

  28. redfoo rocks says:

    dear. sky blu im a fan and love ur music

  29. SDiazz says:

    bytch how can u say he’s ugly and stupid he’s SEXY and HOT wish he waz my BOYFRIEND

  30. redfoo rocks says:


  31. Ebony Atkins says:

    ”Sly Blu is so fine.”

  32. Ebony Atkins says:

    ”Sky Blu is so fine, And his girlfriend Chelsea make a nice looking couple.”

  33. Lmfao4ever says:

    love love love Lmfao, sky is the best of thee two I ? him ????, but if he’s happy who cares who he is with? I wish he were mine but if he’s happy let him be

  34. uh says:

    im not a fan of anyone.
    well shes not his gf,
    well well, ill judge them.
    shes ugly enough to break up with him

  35. Dya says:

    Chelsea!!! You are very lucky!!! :(

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