Cher Lloyd Discusses Bedroom Attire, UFOs, Sexuality & Dreams

Cher Lloyd music

Popdust posed wildly embarrassing questions to Lloyd, including what she wears to bed (a t-shirt and socks if it’s cold), the last time she cried (listening to Jessie J ‘Who You Are’), if she ever goes commando (it’s fine if you’re wearing tight leggings), if she’s seen a UFO or a ghost (she’s seen bright lights in the sky and latered discovered they were airplanes), if she ever doubted her sexuality (she hasn’t, but the press has), and if she’s had a dream about someone famous.

“Yes I actually have,” said in response to the famous dream subject. “It was about me and Kanye West on a skateboard together, going down the street, with no hassle, nothing, it was fine. It was quite pleasant as well. I quite liked that dream.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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