Cher Lloyd: I Just Don’t Put On Weight

Cher Lloyd talks about where she gets her confidence, struggling to put on any weight, and 'Riot!' being the favorite song she's recorded

did a round of questions with fans on Twitter, where the British pop singer was asked about where she gets her confidence, having a great figure despite a junk food diet and how ‘Riot!’ is the favorite song she’s recorded.

On the source of her confidence, said, “I get my confidence from knowing that if you’re not confident, your performance is going to suck, because if you don’t have the oomph to back it up, then it’s going to come across as if you’re uncomfortable, and I like to be comfortable in front of my fans. I like to be able to show them if I’m confident, they can be confident too.”

Talking about maintaining her great figure, said, “I am always eating junk food but I think I’ve always been a very small person. I think it’s about the way that you’re built, and I was built very small, so no matter what I eat, I just don’t put on the weight. I’d actually like to put on a bit of weight, which is a struggle, because I just don’t put it on.”

Questioned about the favorite song she’s recorded, Cher cited ‘Riot!’. “It’s basically like a bonus track, but when I recorded it, I felt like it was totally the sort of song that fitted with the person that I am. I’m excited to see how the fans react to it because it’s kind of like a group song. Everyone’s going to be able to get together and sing along and I want to be able to see everyone singing along when I’m actually performing it live.”

Watch the commentary via YouTube below the cut.

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