Cher Lloyd On U.S. Tour And L.A. Reid Vs. Simon Cowell

Cher Lloyd talks about U.S. tour plans and if she prefers Simon Cowell or L.A. Reid

Lloyd fielded some questions from fans on Twitter for a VEVO feature, where the British pop singer talked about plans for touring in the United States, Los Angeles being her favorite spot in America, and having a preference for her “second father” L.A. Reid over Simon Cowell.

“I am in the process of planning a U.S. tour,” said. “Hopefully I’m gonna be dotted around everywhere Christmas time to be able to do lots of shows, but I’d like to be revealing there’s a tour pretty soon.”

As for the artist’s favorite spot in America to date, she said, “I’d have to say L.A., because it’s so chilled out. I feel very relaxed. Yeah, it’s just quiet. I like it.”

Questioned if she prefers ‘The X Factor’ judges Simon Cowell or L.A. Reid, who both are her label bosses, said, “It’s difficult to pick my favorite between Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid because if I say one, then the other one is gonna get a bit annoyed at me, but L.A. is like my second father, so L.A. has a special place in my heart.”

Watch the segment below.

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