Cher Talks Mariah Carey

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MusicMaster: What do you think about some of the new diva singers?

Cher: I heard people talking about Mariah Carey, why [her last record label] let her go, and they said it was because she had a nervous breakdown, that it had a detrimental effect on her career. Is that true?

MusicMaster: I don’t know why they let her go. Are you wondering if having a nervous breakdown can ruin your career?

Cher: No, what I was thinking about was that you can be shooting heroin for 20 years and go to the Betty Ford Clinic and have people pat you on the back. It’s like, if you have the right ailment or if you have the right set of negative circumstances, they love you. People are so selective, you know? I mean, I am just astounded by the world and disappointed a lot of the time. But then I find some little old lady that’s saving crack children, so you know, you can never really give up on society as a whole.


Cher’s right. Finally someone speaks out about this. Mariah goes in for EXHAUSTION and people won’t get off her back about it. Other celebs check into clinics for crack addictions and people love them for it. Look at Matthew Perry. When he got himself clean off of pain killers, people loved him and cheered him on. And AJ McLean from the was cheered on when he got himself clean off of alcohol. Mariah takes a little time off to rest and relax and people label her as a psycho.

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12 thoughts on “Cher Talks Mariah Carey

  1. Tig says:

    Let’s be honest, Psycho Popdirt peeps, Every single one of you has been depressed, every single one of you has been alone, It’s normal. We are not perfect. This is getting so damn old, the Girl keeps getting smashed on having a break-down, So The Heck What. Every single woman I know has been there or will be there. Life is stressful. Ur body can only take so much. Unlike Cher’s Face, has anyone seen that fossil lately, god, I’d like to see the backs of her ears…probably more cuts than a 12 oz steak. She needs to be addressing why she looks 40 and she’s 70. Get over this 2 year old incident, Halle Berry has a fit and crashes into someone’s car, AJ McLean has a overdose, Courtney Love is a battling Addict, Christina Aguilera has battled abuse and depression, Whitney has battled racism and drug abuse, all these peeps have been thru hell. But that’s what they made the millions for.

  2. kiki says:

    I don’t disagree one bit. Cher is 100% right. I’ll always love Mariah Carey no matter what. So her movie ‘Glitter’ bombed, so did Madonna’s ‘Swept Away”. People are going to go through a nervous breakdown, always. there’s nothing you can do but support them. I mean look at Britney Spears, she had a tumultuous time with the press and some of her fans and yet she is popular. So I love Mariah Carey. And not a Britney and Christina fan tell anything negative.

  3. Tig says:

    Like the Britney and Christina fans don’t know the truth…they know that girl disappeared because she was being attacked by the press, by Justin, and by the critics it was too effing much. And Christina, you can look at her and tell, she’s vocal about having a breakdown, being abused and being attacked by the public…these girls are human, human, even Madonna and Cher have been attacked, and they made it. Give the girl a break, it’s really getting old.

  4. Maddie says:

    I totally agree with all is been said here. Life is tough, only the haters and critics have not gone thru anything to relate. People that work hard and have what Mariah has is not just earned by standing there looking pretty and singing……….it takes a lot of power and even more power to surpass it, that’s why she deserves the best and admiration from all of us.

  5. amusicfanofsoul says:

    I agree…and I am a big Christina fan. but I don’t think Mariah was really that cover worked. I have yet to see an artist sing on a 3 tours, release a Christmas album, then a Spanish album, then sing at almost every award show. and really only have a weak or so off. I mean Christina worked her booty off in 2000. but back to Mariah. she should have credit. but she is draining fast. she may need some time off too. I’m telling you, the more talent you have, the more people eat at you for no reason at all. and find flaw with every move you make.

  6. clayfan says:

    Cher is smart, and she’s right about Mariah’s situation. Let’s all move on from her “breakdown” days and let the girl live her life. Yes, the “Glitter” movie was awful. But check her out in “Wisegirls.” I was stunned by her performance — she absolutely stole the movie from Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino. Yes, Mariah had the juicier role. The movie was just OK, but each time Mariah was on the screen it got interesting. She was just excellent. And guess what? I’m not a big Mariah fan, but I’m most definitely impressed with her acting ability!!! She must plan to do more movies. She’s terrific in the right role.

  7. MariahsMan says:

    Mariah experienced something that many other celebs have went through as well. The only difference in Mariah’s situation is that her’s was VERY highly publicized. The world would have NEVER expected something like that to happen to Mariah…that’s why the world couldn’t stop talking about it, and still can’t. Even though it’s old news, there are always gonna be people who dwell on the past…that’s just life. Mariah seems like a much happier and healthier person now…and that’s all that matters to me. I don’t care how many people bash her and/or her career. I don’t care how many people call her childish names. I don’t care if the entire universe hates her. I’m a fan, and I will support her…and I’m sure any other real fan will agree.

  8. mikemc says:

    Cher, is so right, and I agree 100%!!!! Mariah worked her butt off in 2001, with making “Glitter”, doing the soundtrack, promoting both projects, as well as filming “Wise Girls” at the same time, while running around the globe to different countries everyday and only getting 3 hours of sleep for 2 months straight. I challenge anyone to do what she did in 2001 and see what happens to them. But Cher speaks so much truth, when an entertainer goes through a substance addiction, and decides to get help for it, the industry is there to back them up, yet when Mariah had her troubles everyone was quick to criticize. Even America’s golden boy Ben Affleck was in alcohol rehab like 2 years ago, and everyone forgets about stuff like that. I think as time goes on people are generally getting over the entire “Glitter”-era, Mariah’s been back for 2 years now and doing her thing.

  9. weebongo says:

    That’s a poor excuse for Mariah going mental to say she was working to hard in 2001. However hard Mariah was working it’s nothing compared to how hard Madonna works. While Madonna is doing albums, movies, theatre and concerts she is also raising 2 kids and runs a movie and music company. You don’t see Madonna going mental for everything she does. Madonna is always in control and together while being one of the hardest working people in showbiz. Mariah doesn’t have kids, she’s not running any companies. Mariah’s reason for going mental is pathetic.

  10. devon22 says:

    People make fun of celebrities, they always have and always will. In a way it’s sort of a counter balance to them receiving all the adulation and money. I’ve heard just as many people make joking references to Courtney Love and Robert Downey Jr. and McLeans’ drug antics, Charlie Sheen’s hooker scandal, R. Kelley’s child sex charges, Puffy’s gun charges, etc etc as I’ve heard about Mariah’s breakdown. It is also hard to know, as some people here have pointed out, whether she just wanted to disappear from the spotlight for a while because she was upset and had a badly bruised ego after all her projects went to the dogs. “Breakdown” is a lot more dramatic sounding and diva-like than “hiding to nurse my ego”, and you are more likely to receive some sympathy if you say “breakdown” instead of “ego”.

  11. mikemc says:

    Are you joking me!!!! Mariah Carey works 10X harder than Madonna, yeah she has children to take care of, but when it comes to Mariah’s work she is involved much more. Madonna’s been out since the early 80’s and Mariah’s been out since 1991, yet Mariah has made an album for almost every year of the 90’s, that means she was CONSTANTLY moving and constantly working. Madonna takes YEARS off between albums, she usually takes at least 2 years between each album, which gives her a LOT of downtime to live her life. And you list off Madonna’s accomplishments like she’s a master in all of them, her movie career is a bigger joke then Mariah’s (hello, “Swept Away” did worse than “Glitter”), she has had like 1 play in her entire career, and the last time she toured was YEARS ago. Madonna ain’t that busy, and please save yourself the embarrassment of even mentioning Madonna, you claim Mariah is a flop, yet her album “Charmbracelet” has sold about 1.5 million copies so far in the US, while Madonna’s “American Life” has barely passed 500,000 copies! Who’s the flop? Madonna is an icon, but she is in a bigger slump then Mariah is, everyone knows this whole Britney thing is just a shot at getting attention. Cher’s comments are meant for people like you, who can’t let go of something so insignificant, while you have people like Matthew Perry and Ben Affleck who get applauded because they overcome their problems, just goes to show how judgmental some people are.

  12. Rey says:

    What I really want to see in the future is actually Cher do a duet with Mariah Carey. I really think that would be really, really nice and everybody would be talking about. I hope for it to happen later on this year.

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