Cheryl Aloud Wants To Squash Beef With Charlotte Church

Girls Aloud stopped by hit40uk on November 5th and were asked about their war of words with , stepped up after Cheryl Tweedy hit back at the opinionated “Voice Of An Angel”. Tweedy said she’s looking to call a truce in the pop beef. “This has been going on so long. We actually really like Charlotte Church and we love ‘Crazy Chick’,” Cheryl said. “She was saying some really nasty things and I’m not the kind of person who sits there and lets people slate us. So I said something back – which I probably shouldn’t have – about her boyfriend. She’s now saying that she was hurt by my comments and I’m really sorry if she was.” Though afterwards Cheryl said if she ran into Charlotte somewhere, she wouldn’t say anything to her. Audio and photos have since been removed.

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