Cheryl Cole Believes Ashley Didn’t Cheat, Didn’t Kick Him Out

is pledging to stand by her husband Ashley, telling News of the World she’s convinced Ashley did not have sex with 22-year-old Aimee Walton, citing the fact that the soccer star was drunk and vomiting all over. “That’s utter rubbish, I know that for a FACT. I know Ashley intimately. When he’s under the influence he ISN’T capable,” Cheryl explained. “When I heard what this girl had said I realized she’d made part of the story up. And, to be honest, that has helped me get through this. Obviously I felt sick to the stomach. What woman and wife wouldn’t? And to be honest I felt humiliated and crushed that this girl was saying these things and people were believing it. Things were made worse when my family and friends started calling and offering support. I had to tell them that Ashley had told me about a drunken night and I’d kept it a secret for nearly two months. I’d only told my mum. I adore the girls from the band but I hadn’t even told them. It was something that Ashley and I had to get through together. We’ve spent so much time together, talked and sorted things out. So I was devastated when this girl came up with all this and tried to make out it was something it wasn’t.”

Cheryl had been trying to put the incident behind her when Walton sold her story earlier this week. “I’m still hurt and angry but we’ve been working things through since December and we’re now hoping to move forward and rebuild our relationship,” the 24-year-old said. “And I’m back at work with the band on Monday. I thought the whole matter was already dealt with and now this woman makes these claims. But I feel sorry for her that she had to go after a married man for her own financial gain. I know it must be hard being a single mum but that’s no excuse to exploit Ashley and potentially ruin our marriage.” The full article and pictures at have since been removed.

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