Cheryl Cole Can’t Stand Coverage Of Addict Pete Doherty

star Cheryl Cole blasted Pete Doherty in an interview with GQ over the Babyshambles singer’s out of control drug abuse. “I can’t stand it when papers print photos of people like him,” said Cheryl, whose own brother got into drugs. “It glorifies everything I hate: being a smackhead. Heroin is devil’s dust, it ruins lives and families, and everything it touches. I’ve seen what drugs do to people. I went out with a heroin addict, my little brother got into drugs, I’ve lost friends to drugs. It put me off for life. I saw people change overnight.” As for Doherty’s on/off girlfriend Kate Moss, she said, “Kate is supposed to be away from him at the moment, so I’d say to her, ‘Stay away. Leopards don’t change their spots’. I’ve seen beautiful women deteriorate through drugs so fast and become ugly overnight.” The excerpt at has since been removed.

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