Cheryl Cole ‘Parachute’ Video

Cheryl Cole 'Parachute' music video

is out with the music video to her new single ‘Parachute’, the third release from the star’s debut solo album ‘3 Words’, out now on Fascination Records. Watch it below.

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10 thoughts on “Cheryl Cole ‘Parachute’ Video

  1. Dannii Babesz' says:

    This is a tune!
    Cheryl Cole is Amazing And A Good Role Model;
    I Idolize Her :)
    She’s Truly inspires Me with Her Music

  2. ander-phent says:

    Cheryl Cole sucks ass. She’s a Rihanna and Gaga wannabe, she’s a fake who cannot sing PS JLS rocks!

    die Cheryl along with Alexandra and Joe losers

  3. ?????? says:

    ander-phent you are out of order just shut the fu** up

  4. ?????? says:

    ander-phent you are f*****g out of order

  5. Hannah says:

    I do hate Cheryl Cole… but if I’m honest.. its because I’m jealous of her!!! I wanted to hate her music… but unfortunately… I love it. She’s stunning…. it sucks :( lol xx

  6. ander-phent says:

    Whatever freaks! Cheryl does suck out of order my ass I’m only speaking the truth!

  7. elephant says:

    Cheryl is amazing this song is brill it totally beats any of Lady Gaga’s songs I can’t believe people don’t like her she is totally amazing you are all tone deaf!!! :]

  8. ?????? says:

    ander phent you are out of order so shut up
    p.s JLS is crap
    JLS die

  9. ander-phent says:

    JLS rock who walked away with 2 Brit awards??
    Who did Cheryl Cole lose against??
    it just proves once again JLS are better than Cheryl Cole and Alexandra!!

  10. Ailbhe McDermott says:

    OMG!!!This is like my most favorite song in the world!! I love Cheryl Cole or now known as Cheryl Tweedy sorry about that Cheryl you were such a good couple but he had to go off and cheat on you didn’t he?…I would love to meet Cheryl just for a day!..She is my role model I always try to get the same clothes as her but it’s kind of hard because I’m only 12 years old!!!I LOVE YOU CHERYL!!XOXOXOXOXOXO!!

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