Cheryl Tweedy Fighting To Stay In Girls Aloud Over Racism Charges

The Sun reports star Cheryl Tweedy is battling to save her pop career after a catfight with a nightclub toilet attendant led to a racism charges. “She called me a bitch so I told her to get lost,” Tweedy said. “Then she punched me in the face. I hit her back and called her a fu**ing bitch. When the police read me the statement made by the other woman there was no mention of racism. I only acted in self defense because I was hit first. I admit I may have called her a bitch in the heat of the moment but I never made any racist comments to her. I am really distraught that people are accusing me of racism, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Someone suggested I called her a Caribbean something-or-other and I am shocked by that. I have a little cousin who is of Caribbean origin so the idea I would say something like that is unthinkable. The one thing in this world that I am not is racist – and I never will be.”

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