Cheryl Tweedy In Trouble After Dog Abuse Claim

star Cheryl Tweedy has been blasted by animal rights groups after revealing she swung her sausage dog by its tail. She told Smash Hits magazie, “When I was younger I used to swing Monty around by his tail. I ended up dislocating it.” She admits now, “When I think back I feel like crying.” Despite the admission it was the meanest thing she’s ever done, the RSPCA said she shouldn’t have even brought it up. “It is highly irresponsible someone with such a high-profile public image should say something like this, the group remarked to The Sun. “It would be a horrific thing to do to any animal, causing considerable pain and suffering. If we could prove anyone did, we would seriously consider prosecuting.” Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Cheryl Tweedy In Trouble After Dog Abuse Claim

  1. x_carla_angel_x says:

    Bless poor Cheryl! To be honest I think that the press are too hard on Girls Aloud. Why not, just for once, they something good about them?

  2. Vicktoryaa:) says:

    wth she loves her dogs more than she loves her fu*ing husband !! even if she did do it she wouldn’t have MEANT to hurt himm ..
    lovess yaahh chez xxx

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