Chris Kirkpatrick In The Studio

Contributed by fricksgirl1:

*NSYNC star has been in his new recording studio working on material. He is heading back to Jamaica on October 16-19 to defend his title in the Pat O’Brien Golf Tournament. Lance and Joey will be going along as his cheering section.

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3 thoughts on “Chris Kirkpatrick In The Studio

  1. elgato says:

    according to Chris, Chris is working on solo material. according to the *NSYNC camp, Chris is working on an *NSYNC album. somebody doesn’t know how to tell the truth… *waits for *NSYNC fans to either look the other way, try to make this about me, or make a stupid attempt at trying to defend Nsync*

  2. SugarCandy says:

    STAY AWAY FROM MY MOTHER’S HOMELAND CHRIS! That’s mad sick.. you can’t sing. Face it and move on.

  3. jcsfan88 says:

    I think Chris is working with a different band, Ohno, or something like that.

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