Chris Medina Talks J.Lo, Fiance & ‘Idol’ Exit

visited with ‘Access Hollywood’ after his shocking ‘American Idol’ elimination on Wednesday night. The singer talked about the fan support that he has been receiving, donations he and his fiance Juliana have received to help with Juliana’s care after she was severely injured in a car accident, his believe that the judges made the right decision by the judges, what he thought about tearing up after giving him the boot, and what he’d think about being asked to re-join ‘Idol’ if someone was unable to continue next week.

“I didn’t until I saw it last night, it was really touching,” Chris said about Jennifer Lopez’s breakdown. “I couldn’t believe that she had that kind of bottled up emotion over that specific situation. She handled herself really, really well until I left. You could tell she was sad when she was telling me, but I had no idea it was like that. It was very moving… It was real nice that she cared.”

Watch the 3-part interview below.

Talks ‘Idol’ With Johnjay And Rich

February 24, 2011 – Jennifer joined the syndicated radio morning show Johnjay and Rich on Wednesday (February 23) to talk about her ‘American Idol’ role, swearing by fellow judge Steven Tyler (and herself) on the program, her new single ‘On The Floor’, being able to be home with the babies while filming ‘Idol’, how Randy Jackson has been invaluable during the process, rumors she’d be on ‘Glee’, and how she got back into shape after her kids, including participating in a triathlon. The interview audio at has since been removed.

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