Chris Rene Talks ‘X Factor’, Family & Sobriety

Chris Rene of Santa Cruz on Walmart Risers

Chris Rene, who finished third in the first season of ‘The X Factor’, visited Walmart Risers to discuss his crazy younger days, his famous musical roots, how he stays motivated, and his hit new EP ‘I’m Right Here’. The 29-year-old also performed an exclusive acoustic version of his single, ‘Rockin’ With You.’

Talking about his first single, Chris explained, “Before I went on the ‘X Factor’ and before anyone knew who I was, I was a crazy kid. I had a lot of I did a lot of crazy stuff. The song ‘Young Homie’ I kind of wrote for all the kids out there. When you’re younger, you’ve got to prove yourself to the older kids and you want to do what they’re doing. Stuff like that. It’s a message of be true to yourself and love yourself and don’t trip homie because life’s too short and why trip off the small stuff.”

Discussing advice for ‘X Factor’ hopefuls, he said, “I don’t know what advice I’d would give someone who wants to go and do the show. It depends what kind of person you are, and really what you want. If you come from the heart, I’d say go do it. But if you’re looking for money or something like that, I’ve got nothing to say to you. If you really have a passion about it, just be true and be yourself, because you never know what can happen unless you try. It all depends on if people can feel you and see if you’re true and see if you’re genuine. If you are, you’re gonna get fans and you’re gonna change people’s lives.”

Talking about balancing a busy professional career with family, Chris said, “Being an artist and being on the road all the time, and being a father at the same time is a challenge, because I’m mostly gone so I can’t really be there for him. His mom takes care of him and his grandpa and his grandma. I want to see my son. I want to be there for him, but knowing that I’m making the sacrifice to create a better future for both of us is what keeps me grounded.”

“What keeps me motivated is first of all, being clean and sober and taking care of myself, which is an everyday struggle and a journey. That’s the most important thing because without that, I wouldn’t be here talking to you guys. I wouldn’t be there for my kids. I wouldn’t be there for my mom or nothing, so that comes first. Then my kids and my family. Those are the main reasons why I’m still here.”

Check out the interview and ‘Rockin’ With You’ performance video at View additional pictures from Chris’ visit after the cut.

Chris Rene shows off his tattoos on Walmart Risers
Chris Rene singing on Walmart Risers
Chris Rene photo shoot on Walmart Risers
Chris Rene displays his 'LOVE' and 'LIFE' tattoos on Walmart Risers
Chris Rene and his guitar on Walmart Risers
Chris Rene music on Walmart Risers
Chris Rene on a motorcycle for Walmart Risers

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  1. Marci says:

    I am interested in knowing why the full interview that Chris Rene had on was removed. He said some pretty interesting things in that interview. Was this a decision of his or Walmart? Was it because of space constraints on their website or for some other reason. I am really ticked off. I went to listen to it again. I haven’t listened to it in a while and was very disappointed that it is no longer there.

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